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IMG_2732It’s been an eventful start to the year with lots of load shedding, parliament debarkle etc etc!!!

But how do we as South African’s keep positive, energised and fighting fit despite personal  and work pressures within an unstable climate?

My tip to you is to start everyday with a dash of laughter. Yes, LAUGHTER!!! Laughing clears the mind. When one laughs one releases all the feel good chemicals like dopamine, opiates, serotonin (found in most anti-depressants) and within just a few minutes of a hearty belly laugh, you can reverse the stress chemicals in your brain!! Energise your mind and body and feel more positive.

So just try it…… before you leave you home in the morning, LAUGH and the LAUGH some more!!!

Take note of how you feel, compare how you are now feeling when stuck in traffic, I bet not too stressed! Also take note of how lighter you feel walking into your office, I bet you greeted a few more people!!

Being the Laughter Professor, I have a whole menu of laughter exercises for you to use to energise and de-stress.

So here’s my gift to you, 25 Laughter Exercises.

The world of Laughter has been very busy the past 2 months and it seems that now more than ever, us, South African’s need to tap into this tool to reduce our stress and increase our happiness.

  1. Check out Laughter on SABC 2 –

2. Laughter was  on Metro FM, 19 February 19:30 with Criselda Kananda. We had the whole country laughing with us, even “The First lady” and that was funny!!!

3. I am sooo super proud to announce that I ave been made the ambassador for the Smile Foundation. An incredible charity organisation that helps put smiles on children’s faces throughout South Africa through reconstructive surgery

3. An article on Laughter and the work that I do with corporates was featured in the USA on ABC, Fox, CBS, NBC, Wall Street select networks.
Check it out:

4. Plus I’m so excited to say that the “Happiness Recipe” book, which I have co-authored in the USA, hit number 1 on Amazon this month!

Whew!! Well its been a power start to the year so far.

Remember that you have the power to choose to smile and be happy … so choose it!!

I’m very excited to announce that I am launching my Personal Happiness Coaching

If you’re feeling like you need to “kick stress in the butt”: and learn incredible tools that will help you change the way you are feeling, when the world feels like chaos…then this coaching is for you. THIS IS NOT TRADITIONAL COACHING. Its far more powerful and effective. You will learn simple and very effective ways to feel happier and release stress any time, any where!

The coaching is a 6 weeks and to make sure you don’t have to stress in the traffic we can do it on Skype.

Love and Laughter


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