Rock Your Customers – Aki Kalliatakis

Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Twisted Sister, Nirvana. What do these famous rock bands from the past have to do with business and with customer service? In this exciting presentation, Aki Kalliatakis combines his love of 1970’s and later heavy metal/ rock music with the message of delighting your customers. He has called the idea “lectern rock,” and the idea is that the standard PowerPoint presentation will be interrupted by snippets of well-known and familiar rock/heavy metal songs – with appropriate lyrics – and audience participation will be very encouraged! In addition, Aki tells you about his ten most favourite customer experiences ever.

Here are some of the songs and lyrics, you can expect to hear (and that directly relate to customers’ experiences):
■I Can’t Get No… Satisfaction (Rolling Stones): What they feel right now, which leads them to shout…
■We’re not gonna take it! (Twisted Sister)
■This is the end. (The Doors): If you don’t take care of your customers
■Thunderstruck (AC/DC): What you customers need to be when they come to visit yoiu
■Need a Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin.): What your customers are so desperate for
■Here we are now… Entertain us (Nirvana): What you can do to bring a smile to their faces
■I want it all, and I WANT IT NOW! (Queen)
■So who are you? Yeah who are you? (Foo Fighters): Are you a duck… or an eagle. Your choice

Come and have some fun with us – and get the message of how to Rock Your Customers! More importantly, remember that nothing you will ever do to give your customers amazing and memorable experiences will be worse than a 55-year old overweight bald guy belting out heavy metal rock songs.

(P.S. Our clients often select a rock theme for their whole event: delegates come dressed as rock stars, win prizes for their dress and for singing, and Aki’s “gig” is often followed by a party afterwards. Serving drinks during the presentation is encouraged since the best audiences are those that are intelligent, well educated and slightly drunk!)

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