Robin Binckes – Historian currently conducts history experiential tours through his company “Spear Of The Nation Tours, to overseas visitors as well as leading South African Companies. In addition he is deeply involved in Alexandra township, being a Trustee of Khayalethu Hostel and serving on the Alexandra NOAH Committee an HIV/AIDS Orphans initiative, which he established in 2005 on behalf of Investec .

He is Chairman of the NGO “Friends of Alexandra” which he established in 2006 and has initiated a number of projects in Alexandra designed to uplift the community. Book Robin through Conference Speakers

Robin Binckes

In 2009 Robin was awarded the  Global Vision Award for Grassroots Philanthropy by Travel and Leisure Magazine in the USA. He is the first, and to date, the only South African recipient of that award.

Having lived through and having participated in the Apartheid era, he is now a dedicated South African, committed to building a better country and future for all.

Robin has a career which spans Marketing, Public Relations, Food Retailing and Tourism.

He owned and managed his own Public Relations & Marketing Consultancy for 15 years and played a leading role in breaking the sports boycott during the period of sports isolation. He consulted on all aspects of communication both locally and internationally to diverse clients which included South African Cricket Union, South African Tennis Union, Transvaal Cricket, Benson & Hedges Cricket, John Player Knock-Out (Football), Yellow Pages, OK Bazaars (1929) Pty Ltd, Londolozi Resorts, Food Corporation, Transkei Development Corporation, Transkei Hotels, South African Navy, South African Breweries, Barlows Ltd, South African Formula One and Motor Cycle Grand Prix as well as South African Motor Racing and the Department of Sport.

Fulfilling these roles frequently required simultaneous management of projects in Europe and Australia and New Zealand.

In addition he, and colleague Lee Irvine, created and managed a  unique sporting event. The Datsun Double Wicket Cricket International, featuring teams from around the world during the sports boycott. This event was ground breaking as it was the first major sports event in South Africa where people of all colours competed against each other.This was followed by the “Southern Sun International”-the first International Hot Air Balloon Race ever to be staged in the Southern Hemisphere.

Robin Binckes – Historian, and his company  was successful in re-branding the “Gillette Cup” cricket tournament to the “Datsun Shield” and managed this event for a number of years.

After being sent to Australia to examine limited overs cricket, worked as a consultant to United Tobacco Company in  the development and management of “Benson & Hedges Series Cricket” the first night cricket tournament in South Africa.

On 1976 He was also responsible for a campaign which “Saved the South African Formula One Grand Prix” for which he was commended by the then Minister of Sport, Klerk

His passion for this country is contagious and through his experiential programs he paints a picture of how everyone can play a role in building for the future. Using our history as his source he tells stories which illustrate the strength and resilience of the people and the leaders from our diverse cultures, enabling delegates to understand and identify with the struggles which have taken place in this country since 1615.

His presentations are balanced and fair to all sectors of the community. Because of the use of himself as one of the “privileged, who enjoyed the fruits of apartheid, without doing anything to change the system”, his personal narratives are revealing, honest and at the same time shocking.

Prior to developing a passion for the History of this country Robin held senior Management positions in the Corporate world which included being Group Managing Director for JSE listed leisure and travel group, Entercor (Ltd) and at the same time was Executive Chairman of Budget Rent-A-Car. South Africa

He also has in depth experience as one of the countries most imaginative entrepreneurs, having started his own fishing group and Retail Food businesses.

In 1993 after the assassination of Chris Hani Robin volunteered to  become a Peace Monitor. This involved going into the townships in dangerous conditions and either through negotiation or participation attempting to halt the violence sweeping the country. Robin claims that his role as a Peace monitor in the townships in 1993, where he was in charge of radio communications, was the most important to him. This changed his perceptions of South Africa, and it’s people and led to his current participation in township upliftment programs. Today he works in the townships with hos NGO Friends of Alexandra which he founded seven years ago. He assists children of under priviliged people and started a care center six years ago which cares for 350 HIV/AIDS orphans and Vulnerable children daily.

Robins first book, a historical novel titled “Canvas Under The Sky” was published in South Africa in 2011. “Canvas Under The Sky” is still selling well and managed to hit third position on Amazon in the category ‘South African History”His second book “Great Trek Uncut” is an in depth history of the country up to 1852 and was released in the UK and South Africa in May, 2013. The book is already in its second print run.

Robin Binckes – Historian talks on either the history of the country since the arrival of the Portuguese through to the 1900’s in a talk titled “20000 Years in 60 minutes” or on contemporary history titled “The struggle For Freedom”, which covers the country’s history from the time of the South African War up to 1994. Robin is able to draw from his own personal experience.

His talks are passionate, colorful and totally engaging during which the audience is not only taught but also entertained. Follow CSI on Twitter

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