Rob Caskie – Storyteller Extraordinaire

Rob Caskie – Storyteller Extraordinaire is a master storyteller and he shares essentially human stories to engage audiences, and challenge the way they interact, work and lead their lives. 

Lessons in leadership, strategy, discipline, communication and human endeavour resonate powerfully.  In an age of technological and entertainment overload, I offer the unique opportunity to be entertained in the theatre of your imagination via the power of a great story well told.

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Rob’s accounts were nothing short of inspirational and gripped the attention of a very diverse crowd, in terms of background, age and ethnicity. Your ability to appeal to such an audience using historical storytelling moves people towards mutual respect. These are stories which you are so faithfully and excellently preserving and taking to even new levels. Brad Breetzke

To be African for me means a myriad of things. Both sides of my family came to Africa in the 1860’s, so I consider myself truly African. Whenever asked abroad what I miss most about Africa; it is the light! Light creates the image and Africa has her own unique, unmistakeable, constantly changing light. There is also something visceral about calling Africa home – the sun, the wildlife, the PEOPLE, the space, that special feeling of Ubuntu created by being amongst people of your own type. To be African for me means to embrace all that is African and to relish the privilege of living and working on this extraordinary continent. The sense of unusual potential linked with a ‘can do’ attitude appeals especially. I am ecstatic to be African, and to call Mama Africa home.

I am the right choice for any conference where something different, compelling and memorable is required. With stick and trademark shorts, I pride myself in unique storytelling and do not rely on electronic or visual aids – ‘when the lights trip, Rob does not’! 

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