Riaan Manser – Icy Adventure

After finally answering the question on everyone’s lips ‘what’s next for Riaan Manser?’ Riaan Manser – Icy Adventure is on Icelandic soil, ready to begin another epic journey. Book through Conference Speakers

In the past nine years Riaan Manser has re-written the definition of tenacity and become the epitome of determination. Riaan rose to prominence when he became the first person to cycle around the entire perimeter of Africa.

For over two years, he pedalled a mammoth 37,000kms through 34 countries; some of which rank as the most dangerous places on Earth. It was a feat that earned him the title OutThere Adventurer of the Year 2006 and made his resulting book, ‘Around Africa on my bicycle’, a best-seller.
In July 2009 Riaan again set another world first when he became the first person to circumnavigate the world’s fourth largest island of Madagascar by kayak; another expedition achieved alone and unaided.

Now Riaan Manser – Icy Adventure plans to take on mystical Iceland and her arctic waters. A change of temperature and scenery, yes, but even more notable is that this time he will be partnered. Another special journey that will see Riaan conquer new worlds while his partner, Dan Skinstad, a partial cerebral palsy sufferer, conquers his own physical disabilities.

Around Iceland on Inspiration is a circumnavigation of the 5,000km coastline of this diverse land; it will be a journey that will push both explorers to the edge of their physical and mental abilities over a 4 month period. The expedition will start this Sunday, 27 March 2011. They will leave on their kayak, cutting through the icy waters and will return as the first Africans to circumnavigate Iceland.

They leave with only determination and supplies and will return with stories and experiences to inspire us all. Follow CSI on Twitter

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