Remain Solution-Focused – Femi Adebanji

cropped-image-solution-focused-people_final-11Thomas Jefferson said that “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”

Operating at your full potential requires that your mind-set should constantly be in a “solution-mode” as opposed to a “crisis-mode”. Do you ever notice that people who are constantly in a “crisis-mode” or “negative-mode” always seem to remain in a crisis mode and are always frustrated?

To successfully run a business or achieve any goal, one’s mind-set must remain solution focused; otherwise the entire process can become frustrating and yield limited results.

By being in constant “crisis-mode”, we develop negative mind-sets and attitudes and as this mind-set develops, it becomes further entrenched and sabotages any positive results we may be aiming for.

Tap your strengths

The fact is this – it is far easier to complain, criticise, pity oneself, be negative and come up with every reason why life is unfair, than it is to get up, refuse to accept things as they are and turn the situation around. A negative mind state takes away the innate ability to tap into one’s deep resources of strength to face a difficult situation and turn it around.

People who are always solution-focused always seem to be in control of their circumstances, even when faced with challenges. They always seem to bounce back. You know why? Because their energy is infectious, they know where they are going, what they want out of life and will not quit till they get it.  When you begin to train your mind to be in asolution driven mode or positive mode, some amazing things happen:

  • Firstly, as this new positive habit becomes hardwired in your mind, you will tend to panic less and your brain almost automatically begins to search for solutions and ways out of problems.
  • Secondly, because you panic less, you develop a better clarity of mind and are able to think through challenges better.
  • Thirdly, you are better prepared.
  • Finally, it does wonders for your health. You sleep better, eat better and the risk of stress-related diseases reduces substantially.

Reposition your thinking

Successful people do not have an “ostrich-mentality” and stick their heads in the sand when things get tough. They reposition their thinking, keep their minds fixed on their ultimate goal, get up, learn from their mistakes and keep moving.

What you truly desire out of life will not leisurely walk into your life and say “hey bud, here I am”. You, must chase after it, go after it aggressively and unrelentingly, make the sacrifices required, grab it by the scruffs and claim it for yourself; all the while, keeping that ultimate goal in mind

This is the attitude that life rewards. This is also the sole reason why only a small fraction of the world’s population belongs to the class of the super-successful. To have it, you must go after it. To go after it, you must have the right attitude.

Femi Adebanji is the director of the Mind-Advance Institute and a sought-after speaker and motivator. As a performance consultant he works with individuals and companies to design plans of action to realise their potential, achieve their goals, become more effective and maximise performance. He holds a Masters degree in Financial Economics and an Honors degree in Economics.
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