Quinton Pretorius - Diversity SpeakerQuinton Pretorius – Diversity Speaker engages executives and leaders from mega corporations and start-ups alike on issues of diversity management, interpersonal communication, and personal potential development.


He speaks on a variety of topics from leveraging diversity, mentoring cultural intelligence and leadership. He advocates that it is impossible to inspire, influence or lead people (or enterprises) to greatness without being aware of and responding to one’s social context and the cultures and sub-cultures at play within the environment.


Quinton has developed a reputation as one of the best facilitators in the country and is known for speaking with genuine conviction, passion, and an inimitable frankness that inspires and provokes individuals and organisations to expand the scope of their vision. Book Quinton through Conference Speakers


Quinton Pretorius – Diversity Speaker

Keynotes, engagements, and workshop topics

  • Leveraging diversity for better solutions     Moving from surviving to thriving –
  • Quinton’s life story
  • Leading like a hero- Rising to the challenge of leadership
  • Cultural intelligence
  • Creating an inclusive culture– Where no one is left out
  • Nothing for mahala – A critical look at the relationship between our values and our money.
  • Culture matters – Cultural value profiling to make better decisions
  • Scratching the itch of greatness    The values factor

Quinton Pretorius – Diversity Speaker helps organizations leverage their diversity for better solutions. Diversity & inclusion is becoming strategically more important for leaders if they are going to attract, retain, & engage their employees, & unlock the potential value of a diverse customer base.

I help organizations and leaders to:

  •      Align the values, expectations & work styles of a diverse workforce towards a united vision & strategy for the organization.
  •      Narrow the gap between disparate groups, be that with visible diversity (gender, religion, class, generational, race, culture) & underrepresented groups (class, ideology, sexual orientation, personality styles etc). This will enable organizations to improve decision-making, increase employee productivity and retention, and leads to better-served customers.
  •      Move beyond box-ticking, Leveraging Diversity is understanding that diversity is about more than filling quotas and complying with affirmative action initiatives.
  •     Embed diversity into the day-to-day process of the organization.

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Quinton Pretorius – Diversity Speaker has the remarkable gift of being able to connect with people in a meaningful way. An impassioned communicator, he not only entertains audiences, but makesthemthink and feel too; creating substantial and purposeful impact.

Norma Young, Writer at Destiny Magazine


Quinton is a true professional and a marvellous communicator. He combines much wisdom with a humorous, easy-going style. He resonates with audiences young and old, and has a real empathy for diversity among groups. He is positive and inspirational!

Derek Muller, CFO at Heartlines


Quinton Pretorius is a very engaging speaker and possess the ability of creative storytelling. Quinton delivers cutting edge presentations awakening the senses and appealing to personal change. He is an inspiring leader and a great role model to the youth of our beautiful South Africa. No doubt he will deliver.

Huber Tiger


Young people always light up when in Quinton’s presence, their eyes dance as a result of his ability to connect with them in a way that says, “You matter”.

Thokoza Mjo, Founder of Beyond the Lemon Stand


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