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Quinton Coetzee was raised on the fringes of the Namib Desert and has spent most of his life living close to nature in the African bush. A university graduate in the Natural Sciences, he has a passion for wildlife and the outdoors, and is today considered one of Southern Africa’s leading bush-craft and survival specialists.

“A unique and fresh approach to business essentials with huge practical value…”

Audiences in 40 countries around the globe have been enthralled as top professional speaker Quinton Coetzee fills the room with his charisma and energy. He skilfully demonstrates how Mother Nature herself is the author of the most definitive guide to personal and business success that one can find anywhere in the world today.

Using spectacular visuals of wildlife and the tribes of Africa, Quinton’s memorable analogies vividly drive home the necessity to get ‘Back to Basics’. Enhanced performance, continuous improvement and ultimate success can only be achieved once ‘The Basics’ are firmly in place!

Quinton’s message is powerful. His persona is dynamic, bold and animated. No text-book-quotations, no bullet-points, no ‘rah-rah’, no talk about himself … just down-to-earth, raw, real and relevant truths that relate directly to improved performance.

And any audience easily connects with the tangible tools that he provides in order to achieve this. This is one of those experiences where individuals will make decisions about who they are and the way they do things… there and then!    That’s why they keep coming back for more!

Quinton Coetzee inspires and motivates. His celebrated ‘natural system’ presentations enthrall, engage and punch home the necessity for continuous improvement by anyone within any endeavor. A unique experience that is hard-hitting, yet humorous… and its straight-forwardness is invigorating.

Quinton’s performances are adapted and customised to captivate every audience… every time… earning him top marks on each occasion! They will be talked about, recounted and remembered.

  • Conference / Convention / Seminar
  • Keynote Address – Business excellence
  • Motivation / Inspiration
  • Opening/Closing Address
  • Breakfast / Luncheon / Dinner Events
  • Awards/Recognition Ceremonies
  • Teambuilding / Sales Conferences
  • Customer / Year-end Functions
  • Product Launches / Promotional Events
  • MC
  • Facilitation


Quinton uses spectacular visuals (rather than a single written word) to take his audience on a fascinating journey into the African bush.

He demonstrates how a San Bushman Tribe (the Company/Group) is able to thrive in a harsh, ever-changing environment (the Marketplace/Workplace) due to a thorough understanding of the wildlife on which they depend (the Income Source/Clients) and the predators with which they compete (the Competition).

The message is powerful and riveting and draws parallels between survival in the bush and success in the business world. Quinton Coetzee – Business Basicsfocuses on the timeless ‘Universal Laws of Survival’ – the “must do’s”, “essentials”, “non-negotiables”…the “nuts and bolts”. These are the “basics” that underpin success in any endeavour.

These are the undisputed “Laws of Successful Business’.

In a compelling manner, Quinton takes the audience back to the origins of these basics, defines what the basics actually are and proves that enhanced performance and greater success can only be achieved once these basics are firmly in place.

Using unforgettable analogies, Quinton Coetzee – Business Basics vividly drives home the necessity to get “Back To Basics”, both in business and also within our complex personal lives.


“Coetzee is in a class by himself, probably the most sought-after South African speaker.”
Los Angeles Times

“Absolutely brilliant – one of the best speakers I have ever heard – and I have heard many!”
Dr. SteveG (UK): Vice President, ORACLE, Europe, Middle East, Africa

“Excellent presentation – you’ve hit all the right buttons”.
Keith Rumble: CEO, Impala Platinum

“I have never seen such a professional, inspiring, motivating, whilst often very humorous, presentation. Our audience was as demographically mixed as can be and everyone in the room was enthralled. Quinton Coetzee is truly world-class.”
MW: Directional Marketing

“A brilliant way to emphasise the importance of basics and teamwork for business survival.”
BillS: Finance Director, Nestle’ (SA)

“It is easy to see why Quinton Coetzee is in such demand as a speaker.”
John SZ: Advertising Manager, ACDelco, General Motors Corporation, Grand Blanc MI, USA

“Probably one of the best motivation and business talks available today”.
KVN: Managing Director, Q Data Consulting

“Fantastic! An amazing concept. The delegates were enthralled.”
SiewSiew Chin: IBM Asia, Malaysia

Once again, many thanks for a fantastic presentation! It’s been, once again, an amazing “encounter”. You had the audience raving! Your energy has reverberated across PKF”. GvG:PKF V

“I suspect it will be a long time before I have the opportunity of seeing such a unique exposition of “the basics”.
BDO Stoy Hayward, United Kingdom

Attitude – a Survival Strategy!

“If You’re Not Hunting, You’re Being Hunted!”

Talk Specifications:

Length of presentation: 60 minute breakfast / lunch or conference / seminar slot. Quinton Coetzee – Business Strategy is able to do a shortened version for before/ after dinner occasions.

Equipment Required: Large screen, cordless radio lapel microphone and extension cord.


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