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Born in the Namib Desert, Quinton spent most of his childhood in the African bush. He began his working career as a hunter and then later attained a degree in the natural sciences. Today, he is considered one of Southern Africa’s leading bushcraft specialists.

His passion for adventure has taken him from bitter sub-Antarctic regions to the scorching deserts of the Middle-East. He has summitted the highest ice-peak in Russia and has lived with ‘vanishing’ tribes in Africa, the frozen wastelands of Outer Mongolia and the sweltering jungles of the Amazon basin.

As a conservationist, he has managed the animal collection for one of the largest Zoological Gardens in Africa where he was committed to the breeding of endangered species around the world.

He is a frequent resource in print and on radio programs, speaking on a variety of nature topics. He is well known as a television presenter of popular wildlife programs such as “Aardwolf” and 50/50 “Veldfocus”.

He has also trained as a classical pianist.

Quinton’s business message has universal appeal – he has addressed audiences in more than 30 countries worldwide. His talks assist people to tap into their natural potential… to improve their business skills and performance… and to gain a better understanding of themselves and others.


The complete “Back to Basics” manual for survival in the corporate world – timeless principles for business and personal success, regardless of organisation or purpose…

Quinton uses spectacular visuals to take his audience on a fascinating journey into the African bush. He demonstrates how a San Bushman Tribe (The Company/Group) is able to thrive in the harsh, ever-changing Kalahari (The Marketplace/Workplace) due to a thorough understanding of the resources on which they depend (The Income Source/Customers) and the predators with which they compete (The Competition). The message is powerful and riveting and draws perfect parallels between survival in the bush and success in the business world.

Quinton focuses on the timeless ‘Universal Laws of Success’ – the “must-do’s”, the “non-negotiables” that underpin success in any endeavour by any person or any team. These laws are not complex – indeed they are simple and efficient. We call them….the BASICS.

But what exactly are these ‘basics’, where do they come from, how and why do they make a difference…?

In a compelling manner, Quinton provides answers. He hammers home the importance of anyone and everyone recognising the huge value that the basics will offer when habitually applied as the keystone in our quest towards greater success. Every person has dormant or under-utilized business skills. These skills need only to be set free or “unlocked” in order to realize maximum gain, both personally and for the Company/Group or team.

Unforgettable analogies vividly emphasise and reinforce the necessity to get “Back To Basics”, both in business and also within our complex personal lives.
“Embracing the Basics has always led to supreme success. Any deviation from the Basics encourages the extinction process…”


 Thriving on teamwork
 Leadership
 Embrace change. Adapt or die!!
 Resolve the problems…NOW
 Know your client
 Creativity, innovation…be resourceful
 Think differently – change your old ways
 Know your environment
 Recognize and exploit all opportunities
 Set lofty goals… then attain them
 Defeat is not an option…WIN!!
 Coping with setbacks and adversity
 Hone your skills – know your stuff
 Care for and master your tools
 Communication
 Stay focused. Maintain direction
 Attitude! Turning negatives into positives
 Committed… or involved?
 If we’re not growing, we’re dying!!
 Efficiency, effectiveness, productivity
 Adaptability, flexibility and speed
 Respect …always
 Increase production
 Dealing with competitors
 Grow your income source
 Complacency kills
 Work smarter, not harder
 Time management
 Planning leads to success
 “Not my job… ???”
 MAKE the difference, BE the difference
 Partnerships for growth
 Build alliances, relationships, contacts
 Product knowledge

This highly energetic, professional presentation not only inspires and motivates, it enthralls, moves and punches home the reality of personal commitment and survival in the corporate world. It is very different, humorous and its straight-forwardness is invigorating – it will be talked about, recounted and remembered.

“A unique and fresh approach to business essentials with huge practical value…”

Length of presentation: 60 – 75 minutes
Event: Keynote Address Opening/Closing Address, Breakaways, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Events, Conference/Seminar Slots, Awards Events, Teambuilding, Motivation Sessions, Customer Events, Promotions/Launches …
Target audience: Men and women wishing to tap into their natural potential to improve their business skills and performance and to gain a better understanding of themselves and others.
Equipment required: Lapel microphone/headset, data projector, large screen, venue that can be darkened.


“Coetzee is in a class by himself, probably the most sought-after South African speaker.” Los Angeles Times

“Absolutely brilliant – one of the best speakers I have ever heard – and I have heard many!”
Dr Steve Garnett (United Kingdom), Vice President, ORACLE – Europe, Middle East, Africa

“The standing ovation accorded by 250 jaded conference delegates says it all”. Dave Erasmus, Marketing Manager, Natal Witness

“Probably one of the best motivation and business talks available today”. Kobus Van Niekerk, MD: Q- Data Consulting

“Fantastic! An amazing concept. The delegates were enthralled.” Siew Siew Chin, IBM Asian, Malaysia

“Quinton’s Presentation successfully gave a group of International Executives an insight into Africa, while addressing the important aspects of modern business”. Jack Thompson, President, Sandvik Mineral Tools

“A truly unforgettable presentation…” Jenny Brinkman, SBIC

“What a metaphor for those of us in the business world…!!!”. Jan Sheridan, General Manager, Caltex Petroleum Corporation, Dallas, Texas

“Quinton was right on the button with his presentation. Our group left the room fired up with enthusiasm and excited by the challenges that lie ahead”. Peter Lloyd, Managing Director, UTI

“I want to thank you for a superb job you did when you presented to my group. My staff continues to rave about how much they enjoyed listening to you. We will certainly use your services again.”
Andrew-Smith, President: Europe, Africa and Eurasia – Brown-Forman Spirits

“What a wonderful eye opener – we can learn so much from each other and other cultures”. Dr. Maki Mandela, HR Director, Spoornet

“Stirring, inspiring, immensely practical and wonderfully presented. Mr Coetzee’s presentation received rave revues…” Rob Brooklyn, PR World Airline Entertainment Association, USA

“Probably the most interesting and original presentation on Management and Empowerment I have ever heard”. Jean-Pierre Mura, Group Schneider

“The feedback from my clients is that he was the best they’d ever heard”. Sam Eastwood, Asst. GM, African Life Assurance

“Unique and impressive – he had us all enthralled”. Tshepo Nkosi, PR, Mobil Oil

“I have never seen such a professional, inspiring, motivating, whilst often very humorous, presentation. Our audience was as demographically mixed as can be and everyone in the room was enthralled. Quinton is truly world class”. Mike Wheeler, Directional Marketing

“Excellent presentation – you’ve hit all the right buttons”. Keith Rumble, CEO, Impala Platinum

“A riveting presentation of international quality that fully deserved the standing ovation that he got. I have no hesitation in recommending Quinton’s ability to put across messages of inspiration and motivation.”
Kevin Page, Managing Director, Brown and Neethling

“Brings home the basic truths of life and business in a very compelling way. Delivered with enthusiasm and passion for the subject, with doses of humour thrown in.” Howard Walker, Managing Director, Alexander Forbes

“This talk vividly ‘colours-in’ every BACK-TO-BASICS business principle I try to impress upon my team every day…” Ray Tan, APC, Singapore

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