Proud to announce her new show – TumiOrNotTumi

With 3 children, less sleep and soul firmly sold to the devil, Tumi Morake returns in fine form with her new one-woman tour de force, “Tumi or not Tumi”. With nothing more to lose, the fiery social critic takes aim at the concept of identity in this show.

Firing verbal missiles at young black people on a diet of social media, entertainment programs and tabloid reading, she threatens to have South Africa by the short and curlies within seconds of taking the stage. Morake says that she has been almost totally absorbed by her family for a few years, and now plans to emerge from the cocoon with her comedy guns blazing. While most comics would see their time at home as a chance to relax, Tumi says that she has been slowly allowing the embers of her outrage to become flames.

The show promises to deliver belly laughs while provoking thought and providing a glimpse of what life could be like if we all made the mental effort Morake believes we have become too soft to care about. The President, self-loathing black people, poverty, weight-gain, illiteracy and the Tau of weaves will all come under the spotlight as Morake dishes up hilarious punchlines by the steaming plateful.

When asked what her show will be about she said: “Enough whining and pussy footing, let`s get on with the show. We will talk about everything that is right with South Africa and everything that`s wrong with sugar coating life`s bitter pills…”

Catch Tumi Morake in “Tumi or not Tumi” it promises to be one of the most outrageously funny stand-up events of the year.”

Friday, 11th December – 8.30pm
Saturday, 12th December – 8.30pm

The Lyric Theatre – Gold Reef City

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