Presenting an all new Barrie Bramley

Having left TomorrowToday in 2011 to head up an exciting start-up focussing on Intelligent Disruption, Barrie’s ‘edutaining’ style is sharper, his presentations have all been re-mastered, and he’s come to market with a smarter fee.

If you’ve made use of Barrie at one of your previous conferences or events, then you’re aware his fee always included travel (within South Africa). Now within a new business, Barrie has the freedom to reduce his fee from R19 250 (ex VAT) to his new fee of R17 500 (ex VAT). Travel will now be charged for events outside of Gauteng. Along with Barrie, we at CSI, agree that this is a far smarter and accessible fee structure.

Barrie speaks at over 100 conferences and events every year. He only receives excellent reviews, and is rated amongst South Africa’s top speakers. If you’re looking for strategic inputs that focus on how a changing business environment is impacting your people and your clients/customers, then you need to consider using Barrie at your next conference or event.

For more information contact us at CSI. We’ll be happy to send you more information on Barrie, and if you’d like to speak to him directly over a cup of coffee, then we’ll arrange a briefing meeting with him for you.

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