Peter van Kets – The Eighth Summit

2e1ax_vintage_entry_The-Eighth-SummitWhat does it take to row 5,500km across an ocean? Or to trek 500 miles through Antarctica? How do we achieve incredible things?

Peter van Kets has done this and more and yet he could be the average guy next door. A teacher in East London with a fondness for the ocean, Peter was given a rare chance to compete in the 2007 Atlantic Rowing Race.

His decision to grasp this opportunity would change his life. Together with Bill Godfrey, he rowed across the Atlantic and won against the odds. Then he came back two years later to row it alone – a truly epic feat. After that he joined forces with adventure runner Braam Malherbe to represent South Africa in the unique Scott-Amundsen Centenary Race to the South Pole, one of the most gruelling endurance events ever staged.

Peters feats of endurance in the face of endless ice, snow and saltwater are testament to the power of the human spirit and the greatness possible when an ordinary person sets out to do extraordinary things. In rowing the Atlantic and trekking the Antarctic, he has come to understand what it takes to conquer the limits of your mind. To conquer your Eighth Summit.

Peter van Kets is one of the world’s top professional endurance adventurers, a conservationist and an international keynote/inspirational speaker. He has been involved in numerous expeditions around the world.


RESOLVE – Harness the passion for success


  • Vision
  • Passion and Purpose
  • Collaboration
  • Risk and Preparation
  • Strategy
  • Grit


We conduct both our professional (and personal) lives in a turbulent, dynamic, fiercely competitive and often harsh world.

And so, starting a business, meeting an insane sales target, turning a floundering  venture around,  these are all challenges that are infinitely comparable to trekking to a Pole or rowing an ocean.  The Business world is the new frontier, it is a place of extraordinary adventure, presenting an arena for uniquely challenging expeditions every day.

For the past decade of my life I have taken part in and led many expeditions to some of the most remote desolate and beautiful parts of the planet, and the lessons I have learned are astonishingly transferable to the world of business/sales/marketing/finance  etc etc

Vision, passion, grit, calculated risk taking, survival, collaboration, discipline, leadership, precise planning are as important in the boardroom as they are in the wilderness….although of course an error in the boardroom may not result in your death.

Of all of the attributes I have mentioned, resolve/vasbyt/Nyamezela is the one  quality most likely to guarantee success.  However, resolve isn’t created in a vacuum, it cannot and does not stand alone.  It grows out of PASSION.

This presentation, RESOLVE,  takes a new look  at how to foster passion, then harness that passion to create discipline and to construct a process which will drive passion and discipline towards significant success.

“If one is resolute about the journey ahead and passionate about achieving one’s vision, then with the right processes in place we can achieve that which  has been considered to be impossible before.” But it will take RESOLVE!


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