Peter du Toit – Digital Future Work

Peter du Toit – Digital Future Work has always had a keen interest in technology and its impact on how business is done. Throughout his business career he has been an early adopter and as a result has been described by his peers as “being ahead of his time” and “visionary.” In early 2005 while running a wellness consulting business, which primarily helped companies understand the connection between wellness and productivity, he was approached by clients for advice on how to use social technologies to drive business objectives.

Out of this was born a consultancy called Social Media IQ which helped individuals and brands use modern communication technology to gain brand exposure and drive business objectives. The consultancy did work for, amongst others, The Kingdom of The Netherlands Embassy, Momentum, Canon and Unilever. Book through Conference Speakers

Peter du Toit - Digital Future Work

Peter du Toit – Digital Future Work

Peter du Toit – Digital Future Work


The consultancy’s last project was for The Success Academy, a property development and landlord company in Pretoria. After completing the project Peter was appointed Head of Sales & Marketing at the company. During his tenure at The Success Academy, he interacted first hand with thousands of businesses and in the process gained a keen understanding of the challenges faced doing business in South Africa, as well as a good view of how technology could be used to overcome these challenges. In March of this year Peter re-opened the doors of his consultancy, now rebranded as FutureWork IQ, which specialises in helping businesses prepare for the disruptive future of work and in so doing future-proofing their business.

Peter was enrolled in a public speaking school by his parents at the tender age of 6, and as a result of years of experience speaking to thousands of people, he has gained the ability to both inspire and convey a message in a powerful succinct way. He is a master public speaker who will leave you with a clear understanding of the topic at hand and enough inspiration to take action.


Leadership Priorities in the face of Digital Disruption
Because of the large number of areas that can be impacted by digital disruption it is very important for leaders to prioritize when considering what area of the business needs digital transformation. Digital technology effects every company differently but recent data suggests that there are four areas where value can be created or destroyed. These are customer engagement, digital products and services, operational efficiency and preparing for new disruptive business models. This presentation will take a look at each of these areas in detail as well as explore how to manage the inevitable change that comes with digital transformation.
Employee Digital Literacy – A Key To Success In 2017
In this presentation the audience will be helped to appreciate how important employee digital literacy is in the face of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Each area of digital literacy will be explored and clarity gained on how each will impact business operations going forward. The dramatic rise for the need of digital literacy skills in the workplace over the last 3 years is a worldwide trend. Companies that upskill now will gain a competitive advantage.

What the Fourth Industrial Revolution means for South African Businesses

In January of this year, in Davos Switzerland, The World Economic Forum meeting had as its theme “Mastering The Fourth Industrial Revolution.” The reason for this theme was the massive disruption converging technologies are having on Government, civil society and business. The event was all about developing strategies for governments, society at large and business to be able to use the disruptive technologies now driving the world, for greater good. Follow CSI on Twitter

Peter du Toit – Digital Future Work

This insightful, eye opening presentation will provide you with the following key take-aways:

  • A clear understanding of what the Fourth Industrial Revolution is, and how it’s already impacting businesses in South Africa.
  • What some of the challenges are that businesses will face to make changes to daily operations in order to ward off disruption.
  • The impact on the skills inside an organisation.
  • What business needs to do as a matter of urgency.

The Future of Work – Digital – Mobile – Remote

In this presentation you will be taken on a journey into the future of work, topics explored will be the gig and freelance economies, remote work and the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the workforce of tomorrow. You will leave knowing what your business needs to do, to prepare for the future of work.