Perhaps I should just bring a jug? – Sarah Bauling

An ordinary family lunch out on a hot Saturday afternoon at what appeared to be an ordinary restaurant…….

My mom and dad invited our family for a “quick lunch out” – it was a boiling hot day and as the 6 of us crammed around a small table in a bustling restaurant we were thirsty!
A couple of beers, chocolate milkshakes for the girls and a lemonade was the beginning, followed by all of us NEEDING (as Jennifer our 7 year old would say) some ice cold water. Initially our waitress bought it glass by glass, but realised pretty quickly there was no stopping us!

Instead of making us WAIT each time we needed water, she filled 2 huge jugs with water, ice and lemon and promptly left it on our table.
Now as a restaurant owner you might think that this is not good for business, since each glass of water drunk is one less “priced drink” from the bar. The truth is we weren’t trying to save money, we were quite simply hot and thirsty and no matter how long it took to get water, that is what we were needing at that moment.

What it did do (in case you are that restaurant owner wondering if there was any benefit at that point!) is because we were refreshed we were relaxed, we were able to take our time on the menu and order exactly what we wanted, no one was uptight, no-one was looking around for a waitress to top up our water. We had a super afternoon, relaxing and spending good family time together. Because we were relaxed what started a quick “bite out” turned into a long afternoon, with not only lunch, but dessert and coffees too.

Sometime you may wonder if going the extra mile could cost your company money? The answer is “yes” but it gets to make you money to!  I will highly recommend that restaurant and we return time and time again!

We started on the right foot with a waitress who understood our needs, and because of her attentiveness she got a great tip to top it off!

Would you offer your guests the “free stuff” to get all of that? It’s worth it I promise!

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