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391983_340815049346842_595146653_nFounded in August 2011 by Gregory Wells-Clifton, and based in Johannesburg – A Community Based Organisation, founded to assist with immediate needs of families affected by tough economic crises

1. To assist where needed, after assessment
2. To grow a Membership, where Members will contribute on a Monthly basis
3. To attract ‘once-off’ Donors

Company Overview
There are many people in YOUR Community who are struggling, for whatever reason. Often times it is a loss of income through retrenchment, death, or other reasons. A family is then left in despair. If you know of a family like this, please let us know.
We do assess first, and determine what is the most pressing and urgent problem, and assist, where this is deemed necessary, in various ways **W…e need YOU to help us to help others, and one way of doing so, is to join our Group as a Regular Donor, where you will donate an amount each month, be it R20 or R500.
**Note we have done away with Membership Forms and Numbers. To be a regular donor is easy. Simply effect your transfer using the Reference – General. Remember that, tomorrow, it could be YOU needing assistance
*****It is very important to note that NO posts for assistance should be made to the Timeline of PIF. ALL requests for assistance should be handled in one of the following ways : 1. eMailed to, 2. make use of the EMAIL GREG option on the Pay It Forward Page, or 3. Sent to the Inbox of Pay It Forward.

Pay It Forward is a 2000 American drama film based on the novel of the same name by Catherine Ryan Hyde. It was directed by Mimi Leder and written by Leslie Dixon. We have chosen this name as this is how we wish the Organization to run. We, through our valued Members, and after assessment, will if deemed necessary, assist you. We ask that when you are back ‘up’, you help us to help others, thus, Pay It Forward…………..
Started due to a need in one Community, and now able to assist through spcific Projects (on a Project by Project basis at this stage) in many areas around South Africa

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Banking details :

G. Wells-Clifton
Bidvest Bank
Account Number – 348422001
Branch Code – 462005

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