Paul Naidoo – Sales Motivation

Paul Naidoo – Sales Motivation involvement in the business world since leaving university has been in the IT industry, specifically sales.

He spent the past 13 years in this industry in the following roles: Retail Salesman, Corporate Salesman, Sales Manager, Product Manager, Branch Manager and Sales Director.

His outstanding achievements in sales led to quick promotions, but his overall responsibility still remained in the sales area of business. Available to book through Conference Speakers

Paul Naidoo - Sales Motivation
Paul Naidoo

As a natural sales motivator and trainer, he achieved consistent and progressive success with all his sales teams. Paul was the top salesman for a large multinational retail computer dealer in his first year of sales, notwithstanding the fact that he had no sales experience never mind any knowledge of computers.

As a salesman he achieved every incentive presented to him including a trip overseas at the infancy of his selling career in I.T. He also successfully trained many salespeople in the computer industry, including sales managers and branch managers.

He also managed Key Corporate Accounts from South Africa ‘s top 100-company list and had his services employed by political figures.

Characteristics of Paul:

  • Voluntarily does work for the street children of Hillbrow
  • Is always self driven, proactive and enthusiastic to a contagious level
  • A natural go-getter
  • Is a strong advocate of small business development

Paul Naidoo – Sales Motivation talks from the heart. He is dynamic. To call him a go-getter is an understatement. Paul Naidoo-Sales Motivator Trainer has successfully developed individuals to believe in themselves and thus achieve their goals. He is a highly respected sales person and people developer.

Paul has a genuine interest in seeing people and companies grow. Follow Conference Speakers on Twitter

He is approachable, accessible and flexible. Paul is so enthusiastic about his subjects and beliefs that he leaves no option but for the enthusiasm to be infectious.

1. Empowering & Inspiring Motivational talks:

The talks energize the audience, are thought provoking and draws attention to the inner self of the individual where the real seat of positive power exists. The audience always leaves with many pointers that will have a profound effect in their lives. The talks are dynamic, filled with enthusiasm and passion. The talks compel people to get exited about everything they do and to give off 100% in all their endeavors.

2. World Class Customer services and Customer Care Training:

He defines the value of the Customer and train people on various aspects of Customer liaison that includes friendly influential language and body language. A sense of willingness to act professionally towards customers are developed. Delegates will learn about the different personalities of people and how to deal effectively with the various personalities to achieve “win/win” results.

3. Super Sales Training:

Intensive sales training with world-class techniques that are proven. The training is directed at retail, telesales and corporate selling. It is highly interactive and salespeople participate in role-plays that help build the techniques into habits. It starts from basic to advanced levels. He also offers “live” training, which is training on the spot as per delegate’s experiences on an every day level. Various sales seminars are also available, e.g. “Mastering the Cold call”4. Dynamic Leadership Development:

It is aimed at changing individuals as managers into proactive people who can lead by their actions and make themselves accountable. Leaders shape the future. He has the skill to shape the leaders for the future.

5. Extraordinary Action Management Training:

Intensive skills development, technique and methods-understanding for managers to focus processes for results thereby making their people into results-orientated teams.

6. Winning Inter-Personal Skills Development:

Training people in the various aspects of communication, rapport, negotiation, assertiveness and the innate understanding of human nature. Developing the ability to relate with people on a win/win basis.

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