Palesa Mosiea | Motivational Speaker | Johannesburg

Palesa Mosiea is available to present as the Transformation and Diversity keynote speaker to open or close your next Johannesburg, Gauteng event or conference.

Ms. Mosiea is a leading Transformation and Diversity speaker that delivers keynotes many times per year. Palesa is available to speak at your next Johannesburg, Gauteng event or conference. Palesa has been speaking professionally for over 10 years. Her keynote topics include Diversity, Transformation, Motivation and leadership.

By working with Palesa, you are guaranteed a seasoned speaking professional that will make your event a success. Palesa brings energy and positivity to each of her presentations.

Palesa has presented keynote presentations around South Africa to some of the largest organizations in Cape Town and Durban. Learn more about why Palesa Mosiea is the right Transformation and Diversity speaker for your next Johannesburg, Gauteng event or conference.

Palesa Mosiea

Palesa Mosiea is a recognized expert in Motivational Diversity after years of speaking and now coaching. A highly sought-after keynote speaker, transformational leader, she guides individuals and businesses to capitalize on transformation and magnify their impact.

Her unique expertise is in combining practical business tactics with accelerated learning strategies to embrace change, encourage innovation and increase change for people and organizations worldwide. Palesa Mosiea inspires, empowers and guides people to achieve massive and lasting personal and professional growth, whether it be as a keynote speaker, facilitating corporate workshops or mentoring individual.

A leading international keynote speaker, Palesa has reached hundreds across South Africa with her message of Diversity as the competitive edge in the face of today’s complex markets. Palesa is a sought-after business motivational catalyst who inspires, empowers and guides organizations and individuals to create sustainable, high-performance strategies. Palesa through her keynotes, helps leaders embrace DIVERSITY, cultivate work cultures of greater unity and resilience, as well as strengthen their voice as purpose driven leaders.

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Informally known as JoziJoburg, or “The City of Gold“, is the largest city in South Africa, classified as a megacity, and is one of the 100 largest urban areas in the world. According to Demographia, the Johannesburg-Pretoria urban area (combined because of strong transport links that make commuting feasible) is the 26th-largest in the world, with 14,167,000 inhabitants. 

Johannesburg Skyline Gauteng Province South Africa

Johannesburg Skyline Gauteng Province South Africa

It is the provincial capital and largest city of Gauteng, which is the wealthiest province in South Africa. Johannesburg is the seat of the Constitutional Court, the highest court in South Africa. Most of the major South African companies and banks have their head offices in Johannesburg. The city is located in the mineral-rich Witwatersrand range of hills and is the centre of large-scale gold and diamond trade. It was one of the host cities of the official tournament of the 2010 FIFA World Cup – and it hosted the final.


Travels from: Johannesburg

Speaking fee: from R30,000 – R45,000

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