Oy vey my Child is Gay and an Addict – Anne Lapedus Brest

CATASTROPHE  front and back cover“CATASTROPHE – Oy vey my child is gayand an addict” is an inspirational story of how courage, persistence, humour and unconditional love can change lives.

Anne Lapedus Brest’s once-safe world of family gatherings and Sabbath dinners is violently torn apart as she discovers , that not only is her beautiful, talented and privately educated daughter gay, but Angela is also a hopeless addict, hooked on CAT, a highly addictive synthetic amphetamine.

Written with insight, vulnerable honesty and indomitable humour, this true story of her daughter’s descent into the dark alley of lies, forged cheques and pawn shops is ultimately Anne’s inspiring tale of redemption as Angela claws her way into recovery and life.

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