Over the Moon Events

1391723_250787121739600_1712458563_nWe’re a lot like YOU. We’re personal.   We’re professional.   We love what we do.

Hosting an event is not just about having a fabulous time. It’s an extension of your brand, whether thatbe a personal or corporate one. That’s something we take deeply seriously. Anyone (well almost) canput together a professional event with a pretty look and feel, but it takes a little more experience andskill to manage an event that everyone talks about long afterwards. That’s what we will always strivefor. To entrench ourselves in your brand, get people talking about it, and manage your event soprofessionally that it’s an experience they find hard to forget.

Over the Moon Events, founded by Siobhan Manton, is a form of professional, creative expressionand a dream come true. It’s an outlet for Siobhan and her team members to show off their outstandingcreativity and passion for event management, exceptional management skills and ability to alwayssurprise and delight whoever they come into contact with.
This has been a lifelong dream of mine, and I don’t do anything if it’s not done
absolutely professionally and has the ‘WOW’ factor so necessary for a memorable event. Drop me aline if you’d like to chat about your vision for your next event, I look forward to connecting with you ~Siobhan.

Cell: 082 666 8285
 011-705 3201

 Siobhan Manton / Managing Director


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