Our Economy is so Battered – Barry Blomkamp

Our economy is so battered we are constantly being told to tighten our belts…  Hellooo!  Our belts are so tight we are already squeaking like little 5 year olds!

Had enough of the poor business reports?  Had enough of the bad health of our economy?  You could loosen your belt by listening to SA’s top Motivational speaker – Barry Blomkamp.

Blind Barry and his guide dog, Vixen will entertain and relax you, inspire and motivate you and your team.  He does it all in such an easy, powerful and practicle style.  Barry is adaptable and versatile with many hundreds of performances under the “belt”.

The reason for Barry’s blindness is he did not use his safety belt! The crash threw him into his windscreen and very nearly killed him.

“After one of Barry’s presentations, one comes away feeling invigorated, revitalised and Energised – ready for whatever the year chucks at us.” – Magda Burger – Management Burma Plant Hire.

“Thank you for your life lessons you brought to us.  definitely gave us a lot to think about.  The team were still talking about you.  You are a remarkable example of how someone can accept their circumstances and make the most of what they have in life. The one thing I will always remember is when you said ‘Rather be an original,  than a copy of someone else’ – fantastic!!!  It was a privilege to have met you.”

Meet this awe-inspiring Blind man and the beautiful Vixen by clicking on –


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