Niki Seberini – Motivation Inspiration is a Mind Freedom Fighter! and believes it is our birthright to live contented, satisfying and productive lives. The barrier standing in the way of achieving this are our thoughts – we are imprisoned by them!

“The greatest freedom of all is the emancipation of one’s mind…”

Niki’s vision is to live in a world where everyone lives out of a clear mind, free from limiting and stressful thoughts. Her mission is to help people break free from the confines of a mind that is stuck in repetitive thought patterns and behaviours and she’s achieving this one talk at a time!

Whether Niki is sharing inspirational talks, facilitating life-shifting workshops or interviewing extraordinary people on radio, her wealth of experience and expertise combined with her relaxed & engaging manner instantly connects her with people, leaving lasting impressions. Book through Conference Speakers

Niki Seberini - Motivation Inspiration

​Niki’s ability to engage and uplift audiences has been honed over many years of hosting radio shows on Highveld Stereo, Radio Today, Chai FM and Cani FM as well as being a co-owner and facilitator of a communications training company for 15 years.

Niki Seberini is a stand out speaker and facilitator with the ability to read, ignite and shift audiences/participants.

As an inspirational storyteller, she shares her colourful and insightful observations, anecdotes and paradigm shifting moments in an entertaining and illuminating way, leaving audiences inspired and equipped with clear techniques to liberate and master their own minds.

Niki currently hosts the DL Link Show – a prominent radio show about health and wellness with the focus on cancer, on 101.9 Chai FM.

“It is our clarity of mind that affects how we are in the world and how we experience our world. It affects our relationships, decisions, connections as well as how we lead, love, plan, innovate, create…” Follow Conference Speakers on Twitter

Talks and Workshops:

● “Getting Unstuck”

● “The HEART Of War”

● “Your Thoughts, Your World”

● “The Fresh Approach to Wellness in the Workplace”

● “A Whole New World – Operating From The Inside-Out”

● “Mindfulness – The Way Forward”

● “Moments that POP”

● “Vulnerability – The Essence of Human Connection”

● “The Power of the Present Moment – Why Be Anywhere Else?”

● “Technology – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

Niki Seberini – Motivation Inspiration


Standard Bank:

“Great energy and passion”

“An honest and real “talk” that resonates” “ practical tools to become “unstuck”


“Relevant and powerful”

Child Welfare:

“Brought everything back into perspective”


“Niki is a fantastic speaker. Her GETTING UNSTUCK story was motivational, funny and inspiring.

I would highly recommend Niki for your workshop or event!”

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