Election 2014 – Daniel Silke

dsOver the next few months, two important events will take place in South Africa. One Economic and one Political.

At the end of February, the 2014 Budget will be presented by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan in Parliament. Daniel Silke’s Keynote  “Critical Issues Facing South Africa: The Political Economy in Perspective” is the ideal topic for events coinciding around this date. In this Keynote, Silke tackles both the current political and economic issues that flow from the budget in what is also an election year.

The second key event is the South African General Election slated for end April or early May 2014. Daniel Silke’s “South Africa goes to the Polls: Election 2014 and the country’s political future” offers a comprehensive analysis of the campaign and implications of the likely outcome.

As indicated, Daniel Silke’s “Critical Issues” keynote covers economic & political issues while his “SA goes to the Polls” is centred on the political aspects. Silke is available to participate in a variety of events related to these events including panel discussions, symposia and traditional presentations.

Daniel Silke remains one of the few Political Analysts in South Africa to offer analysis of both the political and economic issues facing the country.

Watch Daniel Silke on SABC 1 on Tuesday 13th January at 13h15 when he discusses the ANC election campaign. Listen to Daniel on 702/567 Cape Talk from 18h00 on Tuesday 13th January on “The Money Show”.

South Africa goes to the Polls: Election 2014 and the country’s political future:

South African politics is likely to be more robust and unpredictable as the country enters election season. The fifth democratic poll comes at a time when the ruling ANC Alliance is more vulnerable and divided than ever.  Economic stagnation fuelled by persistent unemployment and low growth rates are compounded by on-going labour unrest and intra-union rivalries.

Economic pressures are exacerbated by political and leadership questions surrounding the Presidency of Jacob Zuma with both being at the forefront of the coming election. President Zuma will attempt to fend off criticism of his role in Nkandla while the ANC will move to promote its contentious National Development Plan (NDP) as the cornerstone of its growth plan for the future while the unpopular e-tolls become an issue in Gauteng.

The passing of Nelson Mandela and his legacy has focused the minds of South Africans on current deficiencies in the political realm. The ‘Mandela’ effect is likely to be felt during the election campaign as all parties try to invoke his contribution to support their own vision for the future.

For the ANC, internal personality and policy differences have culminated in tensions within the broader Alliance and particularly within COSATU. And, new political parties like the EFF (Malema) and Agang (Ramphlele) offer South Africans more political choices than ever before. In addition, the DA is looking to make an electoral breakthrough specifically amongst a new generation of younger black voter.

In this brand new keynote, Independent Political Analyst & Director of the Political Futures Consultancy, Daniel Silke, provides a timely, insightful and unbiased account of the domestic political and economic pressures likely to influence the outcome of Election 2014.

Will the ANC vote drop to below 60%? What are the chances of Jacob Zuma remaining on and completing his term of office? Can the opposition make enough headway to threaten the ANC in the future? Can the NDP be implemented and who are the contenders for power in a future? These and other options will be fully explored and make for a fascinating insight into the short-to-medium term domestic political scene.

This is an essential presentation for any business as South Africa moves to transition to a new political future. Combining political, economic & social trends, this is ideal for conventions, conferences or smaller briefings and is sure to be one of the most important keynotes you will want to hear prior to Election 2014.

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