New Global Keynote from Daniel Silke


Have you read Daniel Silke’s article entitled “The Age of Volatility” yet? The article forms the basis of his new global Keynote “The Age of Volatility – Global Change & Opportunities”.

This Keynote is globally applicable and can be customised for specific counties and industries. It is a broad global political economy overview of current trends causing financial and business volatility and offers insightful analysis of how best to take advantage of this. The keynote explains exactly how and why the business world will be relatively unstable for the foreseeable future and presents a realistic, yet positive picture of using volatility to derive advantage.

This Keynote is ideal for a wide variety of conferences looking for an economic and political overview of changing dynamics. It assists in strategic planning and optimising areas of focus. With the latest in current analysis and statistical information on the economic outlook for the global economy, the keynote is an essential addition to most conferences.

For any further queries, please contact Lynne or Kirsty on 082 718 8447 / 082 674 3610

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