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Natasha is an author, actress, speaker, workshop facilitator, student, mom, and lover of chocolate.

Natasha has been a part of the South African television and theatre industry for over 20 years. Her most remembered roles were the presenter for the kiddies TV series, ‘Kideo’, as well as the part of Sam Ryan in the TV soapie, ‘Egoli’. Natasha has recently appeared on MNET’s The Wild, as well as eTV’s Scandal.

She is also a public speaker, and travels the country conducting motivational talks about crisis control, finding your potential and life enrichment. Natasha is regularly requested for articles, interviews and contributions for magazines  and TV shows such as Your Family, Sarie, Good Housekeeping, Noelene’s 3 Talk, Hello Doctor , and E.TV’s Sunrise to discuss subjects surrounding: – helping children cope with divorce,  empowerment for women and children in the face of abuse, actualizing potential  and purpose, to name but a few.

For the past three years Natasha has been studying logotherapy ( meaning centred therapy) through UNISA’s Centre for Applied Psychology. She uses many of the tenets of her research and studies in her work, from speaking through to facilitating her workshops. Receiving distinction in her studies Natasha is now an Associate of Logotherapy and is continuing this year with obtaining a Diplomate in Research Logotherapy.

Natasha  was a columnist for Finesse Magazine , whose readers voted her as one of the 2011 and 2012 Most Inspirational Women.

Her first book Bittersweet – confessions of a freshly single / Bittersoet- Die Hartsgeheime van ‘n Enkelvrou, sold over 35 000 copies and in 2010 Natasha brought out a children’s book called Green & Blue / Groen & Blou All the proceeds of that book are donated to her Bigheart Foundation – a charity aimed at aiding the empowerment of Women.

Natasha’s latest book Fairytale” – A Quest for Muchness / “Sprokie” – n Soeke na Sprankel was released in February 2011. The book went into second reprint within the first two weeks of its release

Natasha is currently the Brand Ambassador for the proudly South African Beauty brand Placecol and Dream Nails and Body.

But of all her accomplishments Natasha is most proud of her children, Benjamin and Sebastian, whom she claims are her ‘biggest teachers and inspiration!’

Reconstructing Womanhood

Talk with launch of Fairytale Book February 2011

‘What happened to my Fairytale?’- Find your Magic in amongst the Mess!

‘Wat het van my Sprokie geword?- Hoe om jou Sprankel midde jou gemors te vind.

Natasha delves into an arena that many women can resonate with. So often we grow up with an idea of how we feel our ‘Fairytale’ plan for life should work out. But does it ever really work out exactly as we planned? How often are we knocked sideways due to a crisis, or the wear and tear of daily life? Do you feel as if you are stuck in a rut, or feel that you are so busy trying to be so many things to so many people that one day you wake up and wonder  …’What happened to my Happily Ever After?’…’ What happened to my Sparkle?’…’this is not the life I ordered!”…then this Talk will help you reclaim your magic. In this eight step programme, Natasha shares stories and explores concepts that inspire and encourage Woman to ‘reconstruct’ their feminine power and reclaim their ‘Sparkle.’ Her personal stories of her own journey help her to easily identify with the listeners, and her practical ‘How To’ tips at the end of every step were tailor made by clinical psychologists and Life coaches. These Tips ensure that the audience leaves with proactive advice on how to make their ‘Fairytale turn –around’ a practical Reality! The Talk is filled with poignancy and Natasha’s special brand of humour, allowing for audience interaction.

The topics Natasha discusses In the Talk are as follows:

  • MISTAKES & MONSOONS / STRUIKELINGS & STORMS –  How to turn ‘mistakes’ into positives
  • MOVEMENT / SKUIWE – Kick-start movement and challenge the ‘Stuck in a Rut’ syndrome!
  • ‘MAGNIFICENCE & MARGINS / SKEIDSLYNE & SPONTANEITEIT – Reclaiming your wildness and why its benefits are vital to being a Woman.
  • MERMAIDS / SUSTERS –  Nurturing the Healing Community of Women Networks
  • MUSE / SIELSINSPIRASIE – Encouraging Inspiration and self-expression
  • MUCHNESS and MIRACLES / SIELSPRANKEL – Believing in your own Power

Duration: 45 / 50 minutes

The Talk works best when accompanied by its Audio Visual Power Point presentation but if screens and projectors are not possible then worksheets in English and Afrikaans can be supplied. Props table next to lectern would be required & if it’s a hand held mic, pls supply stand accordingly.

The Practical Tips at the end of every chapter were created by Natasha and the following Expert Panel:

  • Margaret Clark (Martha Beck Coach)
  • Bea Potgieter (Clinical Psychologist)
  • Claire Wrogemann (Intuitive Life Coach)
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