Nastassia Arendse | Conference Facilitator | Event MC | Mombasa

Nastassia Arendse is available to present as the Conference MC, Facilitator, Moderator to direct and host your next Mombasa, Kenya event or conference.

Ms. Arendse is a leading Conference MC, Facilitator or moderator for your next Mombasa, Kenya event or conference. Nastassia has been facilitating professionally for over 5 years.

By working with Nastassia, you are guaranteed a seasoned emcee professional that will make your event a success. Nastassia brings energy and positivity to each of her sessions.

Nastassia has hosted events around South Africa to some of the largest organizations in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Learn more about why Nastassia Arendse is the right Conference MC, Facilitator, Moderator to direct and host your next Mombasa, Kenya event or conference.

Nastassia Arendse

Nastassia Arendse is a recognized expert as an event MC or moderator after years of working with TOP corporations and radio host. A highly sought-after event host, facilitator, she guides individuals and businesses events magnify their impact.

Her unique expertise is in combining practical business tactics with accelerated facilitation strategies to embrace a full hosting event and increase the professional running of any event for organizations worldwide. Nastassia Arendse inspires, empowers and guides people to achieve massive and lasting personal and professional growth, whether it be as an event emcee or facilitating corporate workshops

A leading international Event Emcee, Nastassia has hosted hundreds of events across South Africa with her professional facilitation and program directing is the leading MC in the competitive edge in the face of today’s complex markets. Nastassia is a sought-after business moderator who inspires, empowers and guides organizations and individuals to create sustainable, high-performance strategies. Nastassia through her facilitation, helps leaders embrace LEADERSHIP, cultivate work cultures of greater unity and resilience, as well as strengthen their voice as purpose driven leaders.

Once the largest port in East Africa, Mombasa is now a cosmopolitan city – part of which sits on an island surrounded by white-sand beaches and the Indian Ocean, and connected to the mainland by a causeway. Experience Kenya’s unique blend of cultures by exploring the Portuguese-designed Fort Jesus and taking a traditional dhow boat trip to Wasini Island.

Kick Back on Nyali Beach

Mombasa gazes out onto the Indian Ocean, and as such, there are a number of beaches in the area that beckon visitors. Nyali is one of the best known and loved, connected to Mombasa Island by a large road bridge. The white sand beach rolls out into calm tropical waters and is overlooked by a range of gleaming hotels and spas – as well as areas where you can rent boats, learn to windsurf, or scuba dive over the vibrant coral reefs that hide just below the water’s surface.

Visit Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus was constructed at the end of the 16th century in order to guard Mombasa’s Old Port. In the time since, it has come under numerous different occupations – and even briefly acted as a prison during Kenya’s rule by the British Empire. Now, it stands as a striking monument to that turbulent history and remains one of the most well-preserved 16th-century Portuguese forts in the world. Tour the fort itself, learn about the local conservation operations and take in the coastal vistas.


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