Mzukisi Dlambewu

Mzukisi Dlambewu is a natural with people from all walks of life – a tell-it-like-it-is, but ever “proper” life coach, leadership strategist and self published author who worked hard into his profession through natural born talent and genuine interest in what makes people tick. Born and bread in Mount Frere, Eastern Cape from a family of five. He studied Law at the University of Transkie (WSU).  He is a former lecturer at Buffalo city College in East London.

Mzukisi’s passion is shaping minds of people from all walks of  so they can build a better future and lead productive lives. His passion fueled him to start a Leadership Hub for Leaders both young and old. He has also  formulated a behavioral and study programme for young learners titled Effective Studying, Attitude & Behaviour Change in 2010.

He presented the programme at Johannesburg Central College for the duration of six months and it has had a positive response amongst learners and educators alike. Mzukisi continues to write proposals and submissions to the department of Basic Education on how they can further contribute to the learners’ success in and outside the classroom.

He has further collaborated with the national department of Health in their anti drugs and alcohol campaign. Mzukisi went around the Gauteng region teaching young people about the dangers of drugs and motivating them to say “no to drugs.”

Apart from focusing on writting Mzukisi speaks in conferences on the following Topics:

Topics that I speak on


What makes a leader, a real leader?

Lessons, Advice and Insights on Leadership.

The Nature, Power and Purpose of Collective Leadership.

Leadership 101, Laws of Succession.

Life time Principles on personal growth and development.

Take Charge of your own life and make right decisions.

Understanding the Nature, Power and Purpose of Dreams.

Lessons on love, intimacy and relationships. I make talks around these topics.


My Philosophy and Passion


His philosophy and passion is to develop, educate and motivate people to be the best they can be and to instill a culture of responsibility, commitment and accountability. His inner most desire is to raise leaders of integrity in various disciplines and spheres of governance.


Mzukisi has recently self- published two books Understanding the Nature, Power and Purpose of Dreams and Rules of Engagement: A Practical Guide to Healthy Relationships. He is soon to release a book on Leadership tittled: How to Lead Effectively and Impact Those Around You, a leaders must have pocket book.

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