My Travelling Bag – Gcina Mhlope

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In My Travelling Bag, Gcina reflects on 33 years of suitcases bought, stamps in her passports, friendships, missed flights, mementos and memories.

Rhumbelow Theatre in Durban presents a Woman’s Day special production – My Travelling Bag by Gcina Mhlophe.

Monday 10 August 14:00 DBN
Mon day 10 August 18:30 DBN
(Venues open 90 minutes before show for picnic dinner)

Note from Roland Stansell – I saw this theatre piece at the 2015 MUSHO Festival held in Durban. What a delight this piece is and I really needed it to be shared with more people. So I asked Gcina if she would do the show for Woman’s Day at the Rhumbelow. See below the press release the reviews done be various people from the 2015 MUSHO Festival.

From a very young age I got to travel all over my home province, KZN. From my hometown Hammarsdale to Pt. Shepstone, to Dundee, to Nongoma, it all seemed like such faraway places. I thought I was the most widely young person ever. It felt great!

But my beloved grandmother – Gogo sounded a word of warning- “There is a bigger world out there”. , those were wise words indeed. How very prophetic too. In the past 33 years I have been blessed to travel the length and breadth of this amazing world. The number of suitcases I have bought, the stamps in my passports, amazing friendships. Oh the amazing experiences the countless the mementos and memories that fill my head like an enchanted African forest. The amazing theatres, long hours at international airports, delayed flights, the many cultures and frustrating times filled with fear and homesickness.

But nothing can top the joy of sharing the stories of my people on world stages, the magical universality of these stories, proving once and for all that people are more alike than different. In my travelling bag there are all the 33 years of international travelling. But they can only be told and shared, one bowl at a time.

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