My Take on the Rhodes Statue Lunacy – Douglas Kruger

11080943_692910577485896_222122443001152612_nMy take on the Rhodes statue lunacy.

Let’s use an alternative example as a thought-experiment. By a twist of fate, I am put in charge of the Russian Federation. As an individual, I am massively pro-capitalist, pro-business, pro-innovation and pro-Western culture and thought. I’m pro-freedom and pro-Democracy. Were it up to me to choose whether the monuments around Russia might remain, symbolising, as they do, the very antithesis of everything I hold dear, I would nevertheless fight tooth and nail for their survival. Not because I believe in honouring a man like Stalin, one of the most evil individuals in all of human history, with a murder toll in the top-5 for all time. But because I recognise that monuments are history books, and they tell us what truly was, warts and all. I am also Christian, but dearly lamented the destruction of the ancient Buddha statues by the Taliban, a group that believes in a mono-culture, and which cannot tolerate ‘other,’ even to the denial of the past. Monuments, whether aligned to your flavour-of-the-day worldview or not, are precious. Human history, once destroyed, cannot be recaptured. It is priceless in being irreplaceable. Those voices have gone from our world. Our history is nothing less than the total story of our species. To eradicate it, any of it, to my mind, is among the greatest sins we can commit as human beings. By all means, honour new heroes. But the desecration of a statue is a crime against humanity.

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