Motivational Speakers in SA

Motivational Speakers in South Africa

A large group of Professional Motivational Speakers in South Africa work as Business Motivational Speakers. These professionals have the ability to create a seamlessly integrated event that helps different management levels and teams in a corporate environment work together, build confidence and find solutions to everyday problems.
Popular Corporate Speakers are often booked to attend mid-year functions, annual marketing conferences, formal centenary and awards functions as well as more informal events such as team building days and corporate golf days.
Motivational Speakers that have been in the industry for a number of years are repeatedly booked for business events. By keeping their message, fresh, inspiring, motivating, practical and adding the right dose of humour, they are able to boost the morale of your most valuable asset – your staff.
Roles and Key Characteristics of Motivational Speakers

Corporate Motivational Speakers play a key role at your event. Not only do they need to grab everybody’s attention (and keep it for the duration of their time slot), but they also need to inspire and motivate their audience. These are some of the roles and key characteristics of Business Motivational Speakers.
Simple topics: The best Motivational Speakers cover simple topics, challenges, fears and aspirations that everybody in the audience can relate to. They don’t create elaborate problems and tell of one person’s success story – they speak to every individual in the crowd.
Assertive and quick-thinking: Although Motivational Speakers usually plan out what they are going to be talking about, they have the ability to change direction if the situation requires them to touch on other topics.
Helpful: One of the key characteristics of Motivational Speakers is that they encourage a continuous dialogue with clients to find out what is needed from their presentation.
Knows his or her weaknesses: A Corporate Motivational Speaker has certain fields in which they excel. A Business Motivational Speaker who is confident in speaking to high-level executives about financial goals, for example, would not necessarily always take on a job to speak with graphic design students and vice versa. The speaker will help you determine if he or she is a good match for the group.
Hiring Motivational Speakers in South Africa

Conference Speakers International (CSI) has been a one-stop portal to all the business motivational speakers in South Africa for the past ten years. CSI’s corporate Motivational Speakers are all thought leaders in their field and have the ability to inspire employees from the banking sector to academia, politicians, creative studios and more.

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