When Money Destroys Nations – Philip Haslam

money2When Money Destroys Nations is in Cape Town next week. The official launch will be on February 26th at the Pavilion in Kelvin Grove and will be advertised in this coming Saturday Argus and this week’s Friday edition of the Cape Times. Philip Haslam will be on the Voice of the Cape Radio Show during their drivetime show on the 27th. In addition, Philip will be speaking at UCT to their post-graduate economics students on the same day.

The book will also be launching in the United States in March 2015. The updated version of the book will be available online to our Amazon customers. The launch will be spearheaded by an interview with Robert Kiyosaki on his Rich Dad Radio show – which will be aired on Sirius Radio (the largest subscription based radio station in the US, with 24 million subscribers). As a background to this, Robert picked up the book in the Exclusive Books at the JHB International airport as he was departing. He was gripped by the book and photocopied chapter five to give to all of his staff as mandatory reading. His production crew then got hold of us to schedule an interview which was 45 minutes long. In the interview, Robert felt strongly that this was “the most important interview” he had ever done, and that “every single American needs to read this book”.

As part of the US launch, Philip and his team are also writing for a few prestigious online communities including the Dollar Vigilante, Mises.org and a few others – each with readerships of several hundred thousand.

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