Molefe Pooe – Business Leadership

Molefe Pooe is the Managing Director of Inertia Leadership and Business Coaching. A certified leadership and business coach, speaker, leadership trainer,facilitator and member of the John Maxwell Team. Molefe is passionate about working with business leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs to help them create sustainable and profitable businesses through disruptive leadership. The company’s mission is to equip business leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners with tools and skills that help them to successfully navigate through business complexity and the rapid speed of change.

Molefe Pooe - Business Leadership

Since inception, the company has turned around many businesses on the brink of failure and helped others attain greater levels of growth. Through the global affiliation with the John Maxwell Team of more than 11 000 members, Molefe Pooe – Business Leadership also endeavours to raise the standard of leadership in every facet of society, especially business. He believes that effective business leadership and entrepreneurship are key drivers and contributors to meaningful economic impact and the development of any country.

Molefe Pooe – Business Leadership

Service offering

Through Inertia Leadership, Molefe Pooe offers key note speaking, training, workshop facilitation and coaching services. The following are topics were cover for three distinct groups:

Corporate leadership

  • Disruptive leadership ( Strategies for Surviving in a VUCA World)
  • Creating a high performance culture

SME Business Leadership

  • Business Growth strategies
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Business Finance mastery
  • Turning dreams into reality
  • Personal Money mastery
  • Sales and marking in the era of technology

Team Development

  • Personal Leadership
  • Building effective teams
  • Delivering great customer experience

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