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Miles Kubheka aka Vuyo, is a sought after public speaker and successful entrepreneur who empowers others to find success. The IT graduate turned gastronomist is the founder, owner, and believer behind the renowned Vuyo’s brand, as well as being an inspiration to the ordinary South African who dreams of making it big. Book through Conference Speakers

Miles Kubheka has an undergraduate degree in commerce from Wits University, a post-graduate diploma in business management from the Gordon Institute of Business Science and a master’s degree in governance and development from Wits Business School.

Before becoming “Vuyo”, Miles Kubheka worked for seven years in various roles at Microsoft and then went on to cofound and manage an IT software solutions company.

Miles is a member of Endeavour South Africa, a non-profit organisation that assists high-impact entrepreneurs who exhibit unique potential, and a former student of the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship.

Visionary Miles Kubheka – Motivational Leadership has always had the desire to make a meaningful mark on the world and in 2012 he became the first person in the entire world to create a business based on a TV advert.

The advert was about a character named “Vuyo” who starts off selling wors rolls from a food cart and then makes it “beeeg”.

Miles innovatively trademarked the Vuyo’s brand and opened the first Vuyo’s restaurant in Braamfontein, serving fast-casual food, including gourmet-style South African staples, such as wors, potjiekos and pap.

Miles’ first restaurant was essentially a baptism of fire and misjudgement when it came to choosing the location resulted in a dismal trade; yet, failure to Miles is like a red flag to a bull. He regarded the “failure” as an opportunity to change direction, and learn.

He decided that if customers weren’t coming in, then he would take his food out.

He introduced food carts, closed the Braamfontein store, and finally evolved into using the dashing food trucks we see today.

His “failure” has led to him opening another restaurant on the famous Vilakazi Street, in Soweto, pimping out four food trucks, and more plans to expand and inspire.

Public speaker Miles has learnt that failure is the greatest teacher; during his talks, he shares with others how to overcome and learn from it.

As a result, he is considered to be “one of South Africa’s best”, “an exceptional individual”, “a natural speaker”, and “truly excellent”.

He is an entertaining, authentic and engaging public speaker. He connects with and inspires audiences of all ages and backgrounds and he’s proven this repeatedly during motivational talks at various companies, including Sage Pastel, Discovery, and Wits Business School, among others.

While Miles Kubheka has a wealth of information to share about the what, how and why of being an entrepreneur, he also has much to say about cultivating ideas at a corporate level, ensuring that no good idea goes to waste. The core message of Miles’ talks is about breathing life into a great idea.

Employees in the corporate sector have great ideas all the time, but often nothing comes of them because they are not cultivated.

Miles has first-hand experience of this; he knows what can happen when you nourish a good idea and similarly, the three things that can happen when you don’t: the idea dies off because it is not nurtured; the idea is passed on to a senior colleague who doesn’t do much with it because it’s not their idea; or the employee simply leaves with their idea and brings it to the opposition.

Miles shows businesses how to bring the best out of their best and transform those great ideas into action.

Miles has featured on 702, SABC, Standard Bank’s ThinkBig and BizConnect, AFK Insider, Classic FM, FA News and in Destiny Man, You, Moneyweb, Technet, and more. For a motivational talk with a difference.

Leader Miles is not just about business and profits; rather, he possesses a breadth of vision that encompasses not only his personal success but the success of all aspirant entrepreneurs.

As Vuyo’s has evolved and grown, so has Miles created opportunities for ordinary South Africans to make it big too, passing on the big, big dream to other like-minded individuals via his food carts and trucks.

Miles knows that there’s enough to go around and teaches would-be entrepreneurs that all that’s required to start a business is vision and a hunger to succeed.

He believes Africa needs leaders committed to creating wealth for their communities and that doing good is good business.

Trailblazer for purely traditional South African Food Miles’ passion is to set in motion a South African food revolution – he wants South Africans to feel proud of their food and to be able to go out and eat “what they grew up eating”.

Miles Kubheka – Motivational Leadership is currently working with the University of Johannesburg to develop a distinctly South African cookbook full of home-grown recipes – part of his vision to elevate South African cuisine to global status.

It seems to be working, as more and more people are seeking out the home-style flavour of Vuyo’s food.

Miles Kubheka – Motivational Leadership

Miles lives in Johannesburg where he cooks and eats good food, spends time with his adorable seven-year-old son, and stays up late plotting how best to change the world.


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