Marie-Thérèse Le Roux

What really matters is your attendees. And what your attendees desperately crave is not another amazing speaker with another amazing message at another amazing event. Nope, sorry, exceptional as your event is, they want more.

What your attendees yearn for is the experience of being centre stage themselves, engrossed in a unique personal dialogue with the speaker. An experience so real and so intense and so galvanising that they listen with all their senses, at the edge of their seats, poised to take action with the new perspective they are gaining. Word by word. Pause by pause. Insight by insight.

Forget the speaker. Give your attendees an experience that will make them remember your event with such awe and delight that they will recommend it at every opportunity and return time and again, because of what your event means to them.

To give your attendees that experience, enlist a speaker who has delivered it time and again, in different countries, to a spectrum of audiences, in contexts ranging from international conferences, governmental departments, boardrooms and training rooms to the auditorium of the great outdoors. Enlist a speaker who builds on not only an exceptional range of academic and professional qualifications to serve your audience, but an all-consuming personal quest to refine and enrich communication, whether for the stage, the sales pitch or the simple conversation. Enlist a speaker whose first priority is what attendees will take away from your event.

How do you enlist a speaker like that? Consider Marie-Thérèse Le Roux. With three decades of international presenting, training and facilitating experience, Marie delivers the goods. Every. Single. Time.

Marie has riveted audiences at events ranging from prestigious international conferences on education, technology and archaeology to mystical ashram gatherings and smoky cabaret open mic nights.  She has trained, coached and mentored lecturers, teachers, entrepreneurs and speakers from around the world. Today she is the director and owner of YaziMedia (Pty) Ltd, her own communication agency empowering entrepreneurs to communicate for impact, fun and profit – online and off.

Marie-Thérèse Le Roux

Marie has served as an assistant professor in education at the University of Nottingham’s Malaysia campus, where she facilitated training for a World Bank project, as a lecturer, instructor and trainer for Ministry of HIgher Education tertiary institutes in the Sultanate of Oman, and a training fellow for the Malaysian Ministry of Education. In addition to teaching and training, she has sustained multiple passion projects and volunteering initiatives related to communication, the arts, wellbeing and the environment.

Marie-Thérèse Le Roux formal qualifications include a BA specialising in communication from the University of South Africa and MA in language education, received with full distinction from the University of Leeds, UK, where she graduated at the top of her cohort. She also holds a Certificate in Project Management Foundations from the University of Cape Town, and is a UK-accredited nutritional advisor, a certified raw chef, life coach and neurolinguistic programming practitioner. Yet Marie’s most significant qualification is deep and lasting curiosity, and a willingness to learn from each new situation as it unfolds. This includes the unique chemistry of every presentation.

The next one could be at your event.

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