MAGTAG – an Afrikaans Comedy Show that rises with a KEDOEF!

Magtag 403 BLOCK AnnounceFor the first time in the history of Afrikaans comedy – a multi-media feast that celebrates the excellence of local talent.

Afrikaans comedy rises with a Kedoef. Come and see a comedy show that will blow you away – with stand-up, sketch, video and music.

Take the best comedy production company in the country, a group of the most talented humorists around, some of the best video sketch artists on the internet, the television channel that defined Afrikaans entertainment, ground breaking musical group Bittereinder … and Rian Van Heerden and what do you get?

Magtag! … a night that you will never forget… dedicated to the wonderful sound of Afrikaans laughter.

KykNet is proud to partner with top comedy producer, Whacked, to produce a television special around this event, as tickets are limited, and not everyone will be able to attend this landmark event. It is also history in the making as this is the first time Afrikaans stand-up comedy will be featured on the much loved channel.

Jacaranda FM are also 100% behind the initiative, as for years, they have spoken to the Afrikaans market and know that it is high time that someone staged a huge and exciting night of Afrikaans comedy.

The producers promise that this will be so much more than just a show, with the experience starting in the foyer, with fantastic products on display, surprises around every corner, and then flowing into the arena, and even chances to win very exclusive backstage passes to the VIP lounge, where lucky winners can meet the cast and take selfies after the show.

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