Lorne Sulcas – Thriving in a Wild World

Lorne SulcasBusiness and motivational speaker LORNE SULCAS has been inspiring top international organizations, entrepreneurs, athletes and teams on performance since 1996 with his legendary Bushveld Lessons™ presentations.  His audiences have included executives and employees of US giants such as NASA, Sony Music, and AT&T; and Woolworths, Cape Union Mart and Associated Media in South Africa.

International speaker Lorne Sulcas has an extraordinary perspective: Acclaimed wildlife photographer and author, and business owner of the Feel Moved Corporation, Lorne has spent more than two decades as a former long-time game ranger and safari guide, studying and photographing the oldest, most enduring marketplace – Nature’s African bushveld.

Africa’s three big cats -cheetah, leopard, and lion- have a million-year old proven track record of survival in a wild, fiercely competitive, constantly changing world.  In this extraordinary keynote, Lorne shares game-changing success lessons from these three potent hunters of sustaining growth, results and uncommon synergy in the face of massive challenges, change and competition.

Thriving in a Wild World™ is a compelling, unforgettable presentation designed for employees, executives and entrepreneurs, team members and leaders alike. Lorne’s expert knowledge, insights, and captivating personal stories and experiences will enthrall and engage the audience. His highly-awarded wildlife photographs provide a stunning visual feast.  His skill in speaking, entertaining, rousing story-telling and use of humour to deliver a powerful message for the organisation will leave the audience inspired, motivated and most importantly, ready to act.

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