Living a purpose driven life – Tlou Mathatho

imagesOne of the things that make people not to find fulfilment in life is the fact that they are not able to identify where they perfectly fit within society. Mankind has a part to play in the overall development of society as a whole. Many people think that the only way to progress in life is to get a job. While that is true I submit to you that those who have a clear specific role that they must play in society create jobs instead of hunting for jobs.

I have identified four things which are pointers to what your role in society could be and how you can maximize your potential in the process.

  1. Pay attention to the things that make you unhappy about your society.

The things that always bother you and they don’t seem to bother other people are pointing to the fact that part of your role in society Is to bring about solutions and close the gap.

  1. Identify things that you can do with ease.

When you are talented or gifted to do something it should come naturally. When it comes to the things you are born to do there is a certain level of excellence that comes with ease because the thing you are doing are actually part of who you are.

  1. Identify things that give you fulfilment.

It does not really help to find yourself in an environment where you are not fulfilled. The things that give you fulfilment are the things that are closer to what you should be doing in life.

  1. If it does not make you exited, it is probably not what you should be doing.
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