Living a Life of Impact – Tlou Mathatho

A life well lived always has a trans generational impact and significance. Long after the person has passed on, those who still remain must still celebrate that life based on the positive influence it continues to have in their lives even after the person is gone. But living a life of impact is not something that comes by accident or pure luck. It is based on us taking deliberate actions to impact our generation positively with the little time we have on planet earth.

There are two things that should form part of a person’s consciousness if they are to impact their communities and leave a legacy for the next generation.

  1. You must know that you are a necessary intervention.

It all begins with us realising that we came to this planet as solution bearers to the challenges of our times. Every person or organization that takes the challenges of society as an opportunity to find solutions will inevitably live a life of impact. It is in bringing solutions that we find a place in society.

  1. You must know that you are an agent of change.

Solution bearers always have an inner conviction to change the lives of the people they come in contact with positively. If you leave the world the same way you found it, it is better if you did not come. Societal transformation  should be at the heart of every person ‘s ambition.

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