Lisa Bien

Lisa Bien is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers, media personalities and author whose platform continues to reach the masses. 

Lisa’s “Morning Motivation” segment on Philadelphia’s PHL17 TV Morning News Program is a hit with viewers, where her tips on a variety of topics including relationships and family dynamics to empowering your life and handling the challenges of living during the pandemic.

From a struggling single mom who lost her job, filed bankruptcy, and finalized her second divorce all in one month, Lisa Bien used these events to fuel her determination to change the direction of her life and create her best life.

A noted media personality who hosts her own Temple TV program, Your Best Life with Lisa, formerly known as BOUNCING BACK with Lisa Bien!, where with humor and raw honesty, Lisa helps her guests confront and bounce back from serious personal and professional struggles.

Lisa Bien is an author of three books, Life Happens: Bounce Back! and Divorce Happens: Bounce Back!, lay out the Bouncing Back philosophy she developed as she overcame her own personal hardships.  111 Ways to Bounce Back, continues her inspiring message, guiding others to bounce back from life’s challenges using her tips and focused journaling.

Combining her trademark high energy and passion for storytelling to guide people on a journey of self-love, compassion and kindness she created Lisa Bien, Enterprises, LLC, delivering workshops and programs to transform lives. Her audiences raved that her core message – you can overcome any challenge by first learning to love and trust yourself – is universal and motivating. When she speaks it’s like she is talking directly to you. Lisa has walked the walk.

Lisa lives in New Jersey. Her proudest accomplishments are her sons, Jacob and Ari. When she is not home, you can find her on stages around the country, inspiring others to learn how to create their best life!



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