Lessons from Journeys-David Grier

Lessons from Journeys-David Grier

“Life is always gauged by achievements and Lessons from Journeys-David Grier, accolades and awards.

I feel this is too often the focus and it is just on the achievement and not how or why it was done, or what was learned along the way, how the journey of getting there has affected ones life and those around you. This is such an important part of ones life.

If I have to single out any one thing that I have achieved by these runs, it would be the lives that have been changed by the events. A humbling experience!”

Lessons from Journeys-David Grier

The run of the Great Wall of China was such a turning point in my life as it taught me the importance of change in ones life, in many a way this, I think, is one of the most important factors that I have had to come to terms with, the realization that every thing and everyone around us are evolving and changing at such a rapid rate.

The sooner you manage to come to terms with this, the better.

Next, came the 3300 km run around the Coast of South Africa. The more I look at this journey, the more I believe that change on its own is not enough, unless one has hope for the future that we and our children can strive for, and that, through our actions of internal and external change, we know that there is still a greater goal to aim for.

The reward for change is that, through the process, we hope the future will bring something better – otherwise why change?

The solo paddle to, and the run through Madagascar, was about circumstance, and ones’ attitude to life. Follow Conference Speakers on Twitter

Lessons from Journeys-David Grier

This has been the biggest single hurdle that I have had to overcome and, ultimately, has had the biggest effect and impact on this challenge. But sitting back and reflecting, is it not circumstance that is ultimately the biggest hurdle that we all have to face, deal with and ultimately need to have the ability to adapt to?

How one handles the circumstance that you find yourself in, I feel, has the biggest bearing on the final outcome of life.

Your interpretation and ability to react in the correct way, that decision will ultimately have the biggest influence on your life.

It all boils down to attitude, if you have the right attitude, anything is possible.

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