Leading the Charge – Femi Adebanji

Leading the ChargeIf the leadership within businesses were able to focus half as much time and energy spent on solving problems and addressing issues, to rather creating and sustaining high-performance businesses, many more businesses would be delivering outstanding results (and many more employees would be enjoying what they do…). EVERYTHING rests on leadership.

Business success requires managerial leaders that must not only be able to strategise and be insightful decision-makers; however OUTSTANDING business success is driven by quality leadership that is able to motivate employees to higher levels of performance and delivery, inspire employees to commit to the organisational vision, and establish the type of performance-driven culture that becomes the true source of the organisation’s competitive advantage. This dynamic and content-rich talk will share with the audience how to achieve exactly that.

“Leading the Charge” focuses on empowering management-level employees to excel in their leadership roles and evolve to become high-performance leaders – influential leaders that inspire the rest to raise their game and exemplify actions and behaviours that ultimately facilitate positive bottom line business results. This talk will share insights that will empower leaders to speak to the “hearts and minds” of their followers and drive up commitment to the extent that their followers will be willing to “go to hell and back for their leader” – after all, that is the true mark of influential leadership.

Based on over 10 years’ experience of leading and managing diverse teams towards the attainment of specific business goals, Femi will share insights and concepts that leaders can use to “lead the charge” toward  business success. He will share what works and what “definitely does not work”! He will share the inspiring story of how high-performance leadership was instrumental in empowering himself and his team in turning around a failing business unit with less than R1billion in assets under advice to grow to just over R5billion in assets under advice, within 24 months

Some of the key insights shared in this talk include:

  • The linkage between leadership and business results
  • How to avoid “over-managing” and “under-leading”
  • “Our platform is burning” –  How to know we need a leadership check-up – and what to do about it!
  • What separate high-performance leaders from the rest
  • Avoiding the DATH VADERfactor!
  • The Pillars of High-Performance Leadership – Vision, Influence, Integrity, Trust and Mind-set
  • Speaking to the hearts and mind
  • Courage – the ability to lead, inspire and motivate in the face of challenges
  • The leader’s greatest asset and how to channel it to success
  • How to create passion within your team and inspire them to deliver excellence
  • Credibility, Character and Commitment – Why they Matter!
  • How to consistently  deliver peak performance inspired leadership
  • Keys to harnessing and channelling employee motivation to deliver productivity and great work ethic.
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