“Growing up he always had the dream of becoming a writer. Laurens Boel – Entrepreneur thought it would be so cool to walk up to a pretty girl in a night club and say ‘Hey baby, my name is Laurens and I’m an author.’ But his dad said that there is no money in writing, and instead, he advised me to get a good degree and a safe job, which would allow me to write on the weekends.

published author | serial entrepreneur | inspirational speaker

Laurens Boel - Entrepreneur
Laurens Boel

It made sense and I followed his advice. Laurens Boel went on to study BSc Computer Science at the University of Pretoria and shortly after getting my honours he started working for a global IT company, Dimension Data. After four years of blood, sweat and tears, Laurens Boel was called into the HR department and told, with little remorse, that his role is redundant and that he would have to look for another job. And that was the day that he learnt that;

You can FAIL at what you don’t want, so you might as well go after what you LOVE!

“Since then, he has decided to follow his passion. And, I guess, life has rewarded him for it.” Book Laurens through Conference Speakers

Today Laurens Boel – Entrepreneur is an international property investor, a serial entrepreneur, a property and business coach and a published author. He found his passion for speaking when he joined Toastmasters International. The public speaking institution gave him the platform he needed to realise his passion, his dream – to become the best inspirational speaker in the world.

Laurens Boel belief is that anything is possible, especially when you have an unquenchable drive, applicable knowledge and the right coach/mentor who can guide you. This belief has served him well, and with the right networks he has built a few businesses that have equipped him with a wide range of skills and interests.

Currently he owns 5 businesses namely;

  • Ripple Coaching – a consulting firm that specialises in developing high performance teams through various psychological frameworks like Enneagram and Myers-Briggs
  • Evolve-Digital – an innovative online brand and marketing agency for small businesses
  • HouseBuyers – a South African-based property investment company
  • Villaz UK Investments – a UK-based property investment company
  • DealCalculators.com – a web-based application for property investors

By the end of 2015, Laurens Boel achieved the status of Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) which is the highest speaking award given by Toastmasters International. As a Director of multiple Toastmasters clubs, he has logged over 1000 hours of speaking, facilitating and MCing.

His top keynote speeches include;

  • Changing the Game – change your lens, change your life
  • Millennial’s – they’re weird, I should know…
  • Mistaking your way to Innovation
  • Financial freedom through property

Laurens Boel is perfectly suited for facilitations, speaking engagements and being the master of ceremony. Young, hungry and humble, Laurens can entertain, inspire and engage any audience.

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