Kivi Bernhard – Leopardology in South Africa


The Hunt For Leadership in a Tough Global Economy

Heavily requested subsequent to the release of Kivi Bernhard’s critically acclaimed new book, Leopardology TM – The Hunt for Profit In A Tough Global Economy! (MJP of New York,2009) This is a high energy and penetrating audio-visual presentation that will take your audience deep into the African bushlands and open savannahs with the aid of award winning video footage. The African leopard is the most successful and adaptable feline predator on earth and is master of the solo hunt. Making clients is one thing, maximizing profit and retaining them as repeat clients is quite another. It is truly an art and fast becoming the determinant of who gets to stay in business to survive the global economic transition. With incredible platform excellence that has become Kivi’s speaking signature, Kivi Bernhard will amaze, inform, motivate and inspire audiences with laughter and fun, as he extracts a possible solution from this majestic predator. This keynote will include three of the now internationally renowned “Pillars of Positive Predatory Thinking TM” that make up Leopardology TM: You got it! Critical business thinking and strategy gleaned from the hunt of Africa’s most successful predator. It will literally leave your audience spell-bound – that is, as soon as they sit back from the edge of their seats! This presentation will empower and infuse attendees with a keen “knowledge of self” and will allow them to take precise inventory of their exact personal tooling and apparatus. This is critical, cutting-edge business and life thinking, presented like nothing you have ever experienced before. This keynote is, simultaneously, a visual, emotional and intellectual experience!

Kivi will be in South Africa between 19th – 25th August and then again from 30th September – 7th October and is available for corporate bookings.

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