Kivi Bernhard in South Africa from 7th August to 25th August 2013

hqdefaultRenowned for his keynote platform excellence and performance, international award winning speaker and author Kivi Bernhard now offers an exclusive sales training event.

Kivi offers an incredible morning (2 to 3 hour) executive or C level seminar geared specifically to sales that is just a blow away event!


The Hunt For Sales In A Tough Global Economy!

Critical business thinking and strategy gleaned from the hunting habits of Africa’s most successful predator. Gone is yesteryears economy, where you got a job and simply showed up. Times have changed the global economy is in deep crisis and sales executives and their teams have to relearn the Hunt For Sales. Clients, customers and profitable trading partners that we have relied on for years have shifted or disappeared. It takes a new skill set to prospect, close and retain clients in this changed economy. In the bush lands of Africa, you are either the hunter or the hunted! Our jungles of commerce today are no different. If your organization intends to win, all members of your sales team must understand that the hunt begins and ends with them! Leopardology™ will simply amaze your attendees while they learn what it means to:

o Take inventory of their hunting territory and see the world as an asset, not a liability.

o Learn how to identify their own personal tooling and apparatus and use it in the sales process.

o Study their competitor predators and understand the vast value that business competitors offer the sales process.

o Hunt Your Hunt and keenly understand one’s personal and corporate brand and selling style and signature.

o Study client options and learn why African Leopard will spend 25% of their daylight hours simply watching and observing their potential “clients.”

This is a lifetime opportunity to hear one of the most dynamic and sought after platform speakers in the world today.

As an international class master speaker Kivi Bernhard has been requested to spend time with executive teams of Fortune 500’s including CNN, Home Depot, TBS, Coke and ING. Kivi is a veteran communicator with a compelling personal story and the ability to help each member of your team add to the effectiveness of your company’s message.

Seminars are half or full day, geared to field sales teams, mid and upper anagement as well as senior level leadership and can be customized.


The Hunt For Sales In A Tough Global Economy!

Heavily requested subsequent to the release of Kivi Bernhard’s critically acclaimed new book, Leopardology ™ – The Hunt For Profit In A Tough Global Economy! (MJP of NY,2009) This is a high energy and penetrating audio-visual seminar presentation that will take your audience deep into the African bushlands and open savannahs with the aid of award winning video footage. The African leopard is the most successful and adaptable feline predator on earth and is master of the solo hunt. Making clients is one thing, maximizing profit and retaining them as repeat clients is quite another.

It is truly an art and fast becoming the determinant of who gets to stay in business to survive the global economic transition. With incredible platform excellence that has become Kivi’s speaking signature, Kivi Bernhard will amaze, inform, motivate and inspire audiences with laughter and fun, as he extracts a possible solution from this majestic predator. This executive seminar will include the now internationally renowned “Pillars of Positive Predatory Thinking™ ” that make up Leopardology ™: You got it! Six strategic pillars of critical business thinking and strategy gleaned from the hunting habits of Africa’s most successful predator.

It will literally leave your audience spell-bound – that is, as soon as they sit back from the edge of their seats! Leopardology™ has in fact been incorporated into the MBA programs of leading business schools in America, including Emory, Goizueta Business School. This seminar will transport your attendees deep into the African bush and then back into their boardrooms to apply and explore these critical and strategic lessons from the “wild”. This is like no other learning experience your attendees have had. Period! This is critical, cutting-edge business and life thinking, presented like nothing you have ever experienced before. This seminar presentation is simultaneously, a visual, emotional and intellectual experience!

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