Kingsley Holgate Continues the Fight Against Malaria with “Goodbye Malaria Expedition”

2e1ax_vintage_entry_Kingsley-Holgate“The Kingsley Holgate Foundation’s first anti-malaria campaign for 2014 will be the Goodbye Malaria Expedition which includes several short expeditions into Mozambique where Game can provide support from its Maputo stores. From there, the Foundation will venture into Northern Botswana and Zimbabwe,” writes Grayson Hale in an article highlighting Africa: In the Footsteps of the Great Explorers-author Kingsley Holgate’s partnership with Game in the fight against Malaria infections in Africa.

“It’s all about working together and uniting against malaria. Kingsley Holgate can do what most of us cannot – venture into some of the continent’s wildest and most dangerous regions to reach those who need help the most,” says Mark Turner, director of Game Africa. The fight continues with missions to Kenya and Malawi still to come in the Goodbye Malaria expedition.

Game Africa director, Mark Turner, said each of the nets that will be distributed by the Kingsley Holgate Foundation in months to come would save up to five lives.

Since the partnership began 3 years ago, Game would have helped the Kingsley Holgate Foundation save the lives of at least 196 000 people, he said.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), a child dies from malaria in Africa every minute. Nets treated with insecticides are one of the most important and successful methods of preventing malaria transmission via mosquito bites. They are also the most simple and cost effective means of dealing with malaria in both rural and disadvantaged communities with no access to even the most basic resources.

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