Khumo Thuko – Trend Futurist

Khumo Thuko – Trend Futurist is an researcher and trend spotter at Flux Trends. Within two years, Khumo has developed the skills to compose creditable, informative observations for businesses as seen with the introduction of her trend observation – Generation M.

This resulted in numerous business and media interest from the likes of PowerFm, ITv as well as a presentation at the ABSA Experience in 2017. Khumo is now available through Conference Speakers

Khumo Theko - Trend Spotter Futurist
Khumo Theko – Trend Spotter Futurist

Through the compilation of Flux’s trend presentations namely New Rules of Retail, Zeitgeist 2018, State We’re In: Through a Different Lens and Tribes 2018, Khumo has developed an understanding of the methodology to spot and define threads of innovative, disruptive forces within various business sectors; whilst highlighting opportunities for businesses.

Khumo’s previous occupations activated her perspective on the African creative economy. As a contributor to the South African creative portal, Between 10 and 5, she was in touch with the importance of capturing Africa- based content.

Her position as a production manager at the South African fashion house Naked Ape gave her exposure to the unique and ingenious opportunities within Africa.

Both experiences would later inspire the creation of her online content hub titled I See Africa, which unpacks the African zeitgeist within the creative and knowledge economy; thereby adding another layer to Khumo’s understanding of trends in various segments.

Khumo Thuko – Trend Futurist

“Khumo Theko might be the most recent addition to Flux Trends, but she has also shown that she has taken to our trends environment – and particularly our philosophy of “Trends as Business Strategy” – like a duck to water.

In a relatively short space of time she has shown her ability to spot and analyse trends, as well as convey that information to the public via media interviews, which she is now handling on behalf of Flux.

Her particular interest in pop culture, diverse demographics and specifically the African zeitgeist creates another essential layer to the research and insights that Flux provides for our corporate clients”.– Dion Chang,

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