Kerishnie Naiker – Conference MC was born in Durban, South Africa.

She completed her matriculation exemption with distinction.

She attained an Honours Degree in Pharmacy in 1995 and practiced as a senior pharmacist in hospital and retail pharmacy. Book through Conference Speakers

She was studying towards her Masters in Pharmacy Practice researching “The Social and Behavioural Factors Affecting Tuberculosis in South Africa” in 1997, when she became Miss South Africa.

Kerishnie Naiker - Conference MC Motivational

Kerishnie Naiker entered the Miss South Africa pageant with the intention of bringing the ethnicity of the large Indian population in South Africa to the public eye. She was the first fully qualified pharmacist to become Miss South Africa.

Being the only successful Indian in this competition continues to remain significant in South Africa.

Kerishnie Naiker was the first Miss South Africa in 14 years (due to apartheid) who chose to compete in the Miss Universe pageant and thus became the first Miss South Africa to participate in both international pageants thereby setting the trend for her successors.

She placed in the Top 10 and Top 5 at the Miss Universe and Miss World 1998 Pageants respectively even though Kerishnie Naiker – Conference MC Motivational didn’t meet the height requirement at Miss Universe 1998 and was supposedly disqualified.

Kerishnie Naiker is currently a businesswoman and philanthropist involved in the media, broadcasting, fashion, jewellery, cosmeceutical and medical fraternities. She promotes government and stakeholder relations for corporate companies.

Kerishnie facilitates public private partnerships, directs corporate communication, ensures strong brand value and reputation management. She is a health activist who is sometimes a healthcare consultant and consultant to pharmaceutical companies, performs as a television anchor and public speaker.

Kerishnie consulted to Sanofi-Aventis; Reckitt Benckiser; DaimlerChrysler South Africa and Vodacom. Kerishnie served as Netcare’s Director of Communications. As a passionate health activist, she ensured strong brand value for the company and was also the brand ambassador and spokesperson for the group.

After three years, she resigned to relish a long-awaited sabbatical abroad.

As of 1998, Kerishnie Naiker worked for the South African Broadcast Corporation (SABC) as a continuity presenter and has on a weekly basis over a number of years presented several lifestyle, magazine and cultural television programmes such as “Eastern Mosaic”. She was the anchor of “Amstel Salute to Success”, a business programme showcasing successful South Africans, broadcast on eTV in 2005.

She has presented the Assagai Awards, the Kora All Africa Music Awards, the Model of the Year and the Miss South Africa Pageant during live television broadcasts.

On behalf of the American based TV network, BET International, she has covered the 28th Annual International Association of Jazz Educators Conference in New York and the 2001 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. She has also been the South African TV anchor for BET International covering events such as the North Sea Jazz Festival.

Kerishnie Naiker has interviewed various public personalities for television including international celebrities and political leaders namely, Nelson Mandela, Luciano Pavarotti, President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, Danny Glover, George Benson, Neena Freelon, etc.

She has shared the podium with the likes of Richard Branson (International business icon and founder of the Virgin brand), Cherie Blair (former First Lady of the United Kingdom) and Seal (International musician and grammy award winner) to name a few.

On behalf of the United Nations, Kerishnie Naiker produced the Voices Forum at the 2001 World Conference against Racism and conducted the interviews for the subsequent documentary.

She directed and co-produced a documentary on the plight of Tuberculosis in Southern Africa for Sanofi–Aventis. Nelson Mandela requested that Kerishnie present the plight of Tuberculosis in South Africa at the Aventis Law Conference in Italy in 2002. Follow Conference Speakers on Twitter

Kerishnie Naiker – Conference MC Motivational was assigned Chair Judge for the Miss South Africa pageant for the years 1998 to 2004 with the objective of ensuring the high reputation and ambassadorial representation of such title in South Africa.

Kerishnie Naiker has established the Kerishnie Naiker Welfare Initiative (KNWI) which focuses on social and human development by way of healthcare (eg Tuberculosis, Cleft, Lip and Palate, Head Injuries, Dialysis, AIDS, Cardiac, Nutrition, etc), welfare and education. The KNWI does not accept any monetary funding, rather partners appropriate donors and beneficiaries.

Kerishnie Naiker facilitated the agreement between Vodacom, Altron, Gauteng Provincial Government and Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS Research Unit to establish a specialised AIDS Care Centre within the Hillbrow Health Precinct. This “world-class facility” known as Shandukani focuses on Maternal and Child Health.

Kerishnie Naiker is deeply drawn to the realm of brand value, reputation management, communications, social responsibility, media, healthcare, jewellery and clothing design. She enjoys investigative journalism, cosmeceutical research, art, photography, reading, dancing, music and playing musical instruments, off road driving, quad biking, netball, natural health and yoga.

Kerishnie Naiker is an international public speaker sharing her insights on Turning Tragedy into Triumph; Fertility and Antiaging; Great Health is your Greatest Wealth and The Art of Communication and Emotional Intelligence.

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