Kate Emmerson – Quick Shift Deva – THE QUICK SHIFT DEVA has shared her enLIGHTening ideas with over 45,000 people and her obsession with productivity, leveraging and de-cluttering translates.

South Africa’s foremost clutter expert, sought after international speaker, professional lifestyle coach, mastermind facilitator for other writers, runs retreats in idyllic locations and is the author of 2 books. Book through Conference Speakers

Kate is hell-bent on inspiring an energetic transition to LIVE LIGHT, LIVE LARGE by transforming South Africa and the world one shelf, one life, one home, one heart and one business at a time.

Kate Emmerson - Quick Shift Deva
Kate Emmerson – Quick Shift Deva

Kate Emmerson – Quick Shift Deva

Her books are now internationally published through appearing in the award winning movie “The Secrets of the Keys”, alongside the world’s self development leaders.

She has taken her message to the next level with THE MINIMALIST MANIFESTO and living location free for 2016.

Clients include the YPO/WPO, Nike, Massmart, Sage VIP Payroll, Investec, Air Mauritius, Dove, HP, Tsogo Sun, EY and Dermalogica.

Kate inspires audiences by drawing on her vast experience and colourful life – combining a degree in Industrial Psychology, post graduate Industrial Relations, Master life coaching, practitioner of NLP and EFT along with owning her first family business in the wellness industry at age 25, a professional aromatherapist and reflexologist, as an executive chef in Provence, managing the sexy Fashion TV at Silverstar and owning a Harley Davidson at 40.

She was recently handpicked to appear as an expert in the transformational film “The Secrets of the Keys” (USA) and is the brand ambassador for DERMALOGICA, Essential Earth and Velamiyora Photography. 

 She truly lives her life according to the principles of being courageous, authentic and honest and is one of the main reasons clients are drawn to working with her.

Kate Emmerson – Quick Shift Deva believes in the possibility that anyone can shift his or her life when pairing deep intention with a logical step-by-step guide.

She wrote her first book, CLEAR YOUR CLUTTER to leverage her time and influence after realizing there are only so many homes she can personally go into to physically declutter.

She has since helped thousands of clients all over the world let go of emotional, body and physical clutter and disorder.

It is her mission to inspire people to LIVE LIGHT, LIVE LARGE. Follow Conference Speakers on Twitter

Her second book, DITCH YOUR GLITCH was written to support people on the next leg of the journey by following her process of STEP IN, STEP UP and STEP OUT.

She also shares her own journey of how she let life get the better of her several times, battling bulimia, financial loss and depression and shares this in a story titled “WHEN THE RABBITS STOMP”.

With courage and determination Kate reminds you to take charge of your life, and that anyone can get their life back on track, no matter how many “rabbits are stomping”. 

“Kate was awarded the Woman’s Woman Feather Award for her contribution in transforming women’s lives in South Africa.

 Kate’s captivating topics include:

  • Wanna Live your vivacious life? – Be BRUTAL with your clutter
  • De-frag your life
  • Corporate Clutter can land you in the Gutter
  • When the Rabbits Stomp – her personal inspirational story of loss and burnout
  • Live light, live large – A wake up call about why you should Spring Clean Your Life
  • Efficient is so last season – time management for life
  • Know your Signature Self – living authentically with courage and self awareness to Step Up
  • Confidence myth busters! – How to ignite your life
  • Summer Survival Toolkit

Kate Emmerson – Quick Shift Deva

”Kate Emmerson was the biggest hit at our recent Women’s Day Function- I received rave reviews from the delegates all saying they could’ve listened to her all morning. Her energy and passion for Clearing your clutter are contagious. It was an honour to have you on our lineup.” Helen Nicholson, Director The Networking Company 

“Southdowns College,Pretoria recently had Kate Emmerson entertain the ladies at their  Ladies Breakfast. Kate’s natural energy and enthusiasm had all the ladies’ rapt attention and them out of their seats! Besides being great fun and a good giggle, we learnt some interesting and valuable things about ourselves and our clutter and took home ideas and tips which could be put to good use in our homes and in our lives.Thank you Kate!” Lisa von Broembsen,  Southdowns College     

Kate Emmerson-Quick Shift Deva spoke to a group of our directors and clients at a ladies lunch. It was just what we all needed to kick off Spring! As people in the legal field, there is always room for spring cleaning and decluttering! She inspired everyone on the day with her frank, dynamic and entertaining view on life and how to live a more simple life. We all took away a lesson that will serve us in everyday life, whether at work, at home or emotionally. As one of our directors said afterwards, “Kate was entertaining and interesting and a great choice!  Clients  had a very good time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves!” Thanks again for a great afternoon! Louise Schnetler – DLA CLIFFE DEKKE HOFMEYR

Wanna live your vivacious life? Be Brutal with your clutter.

Incredibly inspiring. Exceeded our expectations. Engaging speaker with excellent content! Can’t think of anything we’d ask her to do differently. Loved the handbag mechanic for the prize. Also really liked what she’d done with the pre-declutter – you can easily see the impact she has made on that lady & her son’s life –Camilla, Carla and Meenal- The Brutal Fruit Brand Team

BEYOND THE DRESS – Summer Survival Toolkit

Kate participated as a key speaker in the ‘Beyond the Dress Summer Survival Toolkit’ event in November 2011. Kate Emmerson-Quick Shift Deva is a dynamic presenter, engaging the audience with practical advice and tools people can take home and utilize long after event. She is an amazing life coach and is able to interact with the audience to make them part of her talk so it becomes a two-way conversation. Kate is a true professional and I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to add value and something special to any event. – Lori Milner – Beyond the Dress


Silverstar Casino recently hosted a function in celebration of Women’s Month. Kate and Jill approached Silverstar with their Flowerscape workshop concept.

As the concept was in line with the Silverstar brand (It’s Not the Usual), we booked the event for 300 ladies, including VIP guests, members of the public and members of the press. The event was an absolute success. Kate and Jill presented one of the most memorable events to take place at Silverstar.

It was absolutely amazing to experience the way in which flowers can be used to create such a sense of wellbeing. Everyone who attended this workshop went away with a personal, yet powerful message.

Jill and Kate each brought something special to the workshop. Kate Emmerson – Quick Shift Deva shared her experiences as a life coach while Jill presented to us a way in which flowers have truly never been presented. The combination of their experiences resulted in a very special and meaningful workshop.

Each lady created something so personal and was able to take this away with them to remind them of the lessons learnt during the hour and a half workshop. It was evident throughout the workshop that each lady was positively affected by the message. The workshop certainly made a huge impact on the audience. I would, without a doubt, recommend Flowescape workshop – whether it be for a corporate function, a team building exercise or simply for a group of friends. It is totally unique and has a meaningful and powerful message for each person who participates – Venetia Howes Marketing Manager, Silverstar Casino

Country Club, Johannesburg – Ladies’ Lunch
Despite her diminutive stature, Kate has a commanding presence and in no time at all had the audience’s full attention. Her practical approach and absolute understanding of the principles of life coaching when it comes to mind, body and the logistics of the physical environment, had the audience fascinated.

A definite lesson to all in what can be done to make your life simpler, less complicated and a lot less cluttered! Two lucky ladies received a voucher for a clutter clearing session. All in all an extremely successful event for which we are extremely grateful to Kate – Tracey Leppan & Cathy Robertson Country Club Johannesburg

Dear Kate, I thank you once again for what YOU pulled off Saturday.  Kate Emmerson – Quick Shift Deva did an amazing job and with the noise levels at an exhibition that is not an easy thing.  Also my dear darling two German visitors from Alumniportal at our debriefing this morning also commented again on what a great job you did. We will definitely keep you in mind for future events (if you’ll be willing haha) and will add you to the data base. Kind regards, Cordelia Siegert Southern African – German Chamber of Commerce and Industry NPC

Dear Kate -Thank you for the most amazing session at our Ladies Club. My guests thoroughly enjoyed having you present your ‘Unclutter Your Life’ workshop and I keep getting requests to get you back (this came as no surprise). Your concept is fresh, relevant and, you said it ‘Kick Ass’.

Thanks again from all at Carnival City Marketing and our ladies from the Ladies Club. Looking forward to yet another ‘Kick Ass’ session with you – Miresh Kisten Promotions Manager, Marketing Department Carnival City, Sun International

Kate Emmerson
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