Justice Malala and Mamphela Ramphele move to the DA

Justice MalalaMamphela Ramphele agreeing to run as the Democratic Alliance’s presidential candidate in the general elections signifies the beginning of a move away from the ANC by former anti-apartheid leaders, according to Justice Malala. Malala, author of Let Them Eat Cake, writes in The Guardian that in accepting the DA’s invitation, the Agang leader may not have made the game-changing move many – including DA leader Helen Zille – are claiming she has.

According to Malala, the effects of Ramphele’s move will not be obvious during this year’s election, but may accelerate by 2024, and he insists: “that is the only level at which it can be considered a game-changer”.  The jury is still out over whether any constituency she may have built up in the past 12 months will move with her to the DA. After all, many who joined her were appalled by the ANC’s failures over the past 20 years but could not quite bring themselves to join a DA that is still perceived as white.

Ramphele’s move is still significant. … The rewards may not be hugely visible in this election, but these changes will accelerate in the next two elections. Indeed, it may well be that in 2024 we may see a credible and potent challenge to the ANC.

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