Jurgen Tietz – Safety Expert

Jurgen Tietz – Safety Expert with a focus on safety in the workplace and leadership in safety.

19+ years’ experience in the field of public speaking (of which 12+ years as a professional speaker).

Jurgen Tietz - Safety Expert
Jurgen Tietz – Safety Expert

Presented and facilitated over 500 presentations and workshops in Southern Africa, using fluency in English, Afrikaans, German and Zulu, as well as People & Safety Philosophies and unique techniques, to raise safety awareness and shift safety paradigms at all levels of organisations. Now available to book through Conference Speakers

Developed more than 30 COOL TOOL™ Health & Safety Awareness Products.

Author of Life EduAction – Out of Africa on Peopology (insights on leadership and life skills, practical techniques)

Co-author of The Safety Rep’s Survival Guide with Dr Natalie Skeepers

Written articles for leading industry magazines

Continue to share passion for people, leadership and safety via the Simply Smart Safety! Tips e-communique.

Award-winning Infotainer and paradigm shifter

Flexible and independent thinker, who has conquered cancer and retrenchment and continues to be a thought leader in safety in the workplace.

  • Philosophy and Beliefs:
    • Disruptive Safety™
    • Safety, by the people ,for the people™
    • Proactive Action
    • Simply Smart Safety™
    • People Philosopy and Safety Gospel

These are communicated in his inimitable, dynamic and forthright style, using multi-media and hand-outs to engage delegates and sustain their enthusiasm for change.

Jurgen Tietz – Safety Expert Thought Leader


  • SAFETY inspiration with my ‘Ingwenya’s Tale’ (Crocodile’s Tale) and VUKA! VUSA!Ô Boot camps
  • A SHE (Safety Health & Environment) range of COOL TOOLSÔ and Hand-outs to engage audiences at events as well as DIY Tools, such as NO CONDOM NO COOKIEÔ
  • Auditing plants and operations, specifically SAFETY, using my mirror technique
  • Raising SAFETY awareness, at shop floor level,  with my electronic Toolbox Talks
  • Making SAFETY come alive with my electronic series of Knock-out Safety Tips
  • Sharing my expertise through motivational speaking, personal coaching and my books


  • 2013: SAB Miller Kingfisher Most Innovative Presentation Award, SAPICS 35th Conference
  • 2002: SAPICS Best Speaker Award, SAPICS 24th Annual Conference
  • 1998:   Toyota Best Ideas Award, SAPICS 20th Annual Conference


23 years with AEL as a Manager and Mechanical Engineer.

Reputation for being an independent, assertive, enthusiastic, results-oriented expert and leading authority in mass production equipment, manufacturing, productivity improvement, change management, leadership, communication and people relationships, especially across cultures.

Significantly increased sales, reduced costs, increased productivity, improved machine designs, and developed and implemented innovative processes and systems for Quality & SHE, engineering and shifts, some of which were world firsts.

Jurgen Tietz – Safety Expert – Key achievements

  • Recognized by colleagues as an expert on mass production equipment, manufacturing, and productivity improvement. Also judged inside AECI Explosives Limited (AEL) as an authority on communication and people relationships.
  • Annually doubled sales volumes of Underground Bulk Systems Technologies (UBST) by opening up the market in Africa. Cut back the fixed & variable costs and established strong global links.
  • Developed and implemented the UBST Strategy & Business Plan, Marketing plan and introduced computerized project planning.
  • Upgraded & improved manufacturing plants and implemented a World Class System [Quality & SHE], as well as developed equipment and innovations like piping explosives into a mine [A world first!]
  • Increased the productivity of an emulsion manufacturing process and the design of the German built machines with dramatic results.
  • Integrated engineering & process, developed the PEOPLE philosophy and created a strong departmental identity & culture.
  • Implemented a continuous shift system and productive spare shift activities / training.
  • Reintroduced an extrusion process, including pioneering an unmanned night-shift, yielding 25 % additional output! [This was another world first for this type of operation!]
  • Revolutionized the manufacturing culture of a metal forming plant. Presented with Toyota’s Best Ideas Award at an international SAPICS conference in 1988 for this work.


These three: ‘Systems, equipment and people –

but the greatest of these is people.’


There is nothing which moves people more than ACTION,

And nothing which is more powerful than prompt PRO-ACTIVE ACTION.

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