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Over the past decade Jon Kroeger – Retail Sales has consulted with various clients on addressing challenges within the world of Sales and Retail Experience – both locally and abroad. Traveling to Europe and Asia on strategic learning and implementation programs, Jon has insights around global sales and retail strategies – those that work and those that don’t.

In the ever-evolving consumer driven world with multiple buyer profiles, mass choice and instant gratification, the sales profile, job description and internal sales processes & support are incredibly outdated and often suffer from the ‘one shoe fits all’ syndrome.

Working with his clients, Jon develops bespoke Sales Processes & Support structures, Sales Strategies and Sales training programmes based on his clients individual business definition of Customer Experience.

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Jon Kroeger - Retail Sales
Jon Kroeger

Jon is known for his entertaining and relatable real-world Storytelling when talking about Customer & Retail Experience, improving your Sales Experience, growing your Business and Authentic Leadership. Through his Stories, Jon encourages a change in perspective of his audience by giving them an alternative narrative to think about. He’s ability to simplify complex business and sales concepts into relatable day-to-day experiences keeps his audiences fully engaged throughout his talks.

Jon’s infinite passion is to improve the image of Salespeople and once again positioning a career in Sales at the top of the ‘most respectable careers in the world’ list.


Over the past decade (and some), Jon has been involved with sales on multiple levels, and within multiple disciplines.

Having had a career in Sales, Sales Management and as a Branch Manager for many years, Jon Kroeger – Retail Sales knows his way around the Sales Process, Sales Management, Sales Coaching, Strategic Selling and Retail Experience Improvement Strategies.

Jon is currently responsible for running multiple Businesses, and sales has been, and still is a daily task. As the saying goes, he eats, breaths, sleeps and dreams sales and the Customer Experience.

But Jon also a professional Customer – buying stuff all the time! Be it Online, face- 2-face or browsing through a store, Jon is buying stuff all the time.


We all love listening to or telling a good story! And it’s generally agreed that we use Storytelling as a way to transfer knowledge and learning experiences from one generation to the next.
And everyone loves a good Story.

It’s the reason why Netflix, YouTube, Showmax and many other streaming services not only exist, but flourish! Stories that seem to ‘talk directly to us’ and that we can relate to on a personal and aspirational level, are stories that we remember the most.

These memorable Stories are often linked to how the Story made us feel. Our own experiences, both good and bad make us feel a certain way, and we remember more the way we feel then what actually happened. So to communicate the context around these feelings and to tell others what happened to us that made us feel the way we felt, we use Storytelling. And its these personally relatable stories that leave a lasting impression on us.

In Jon’s talks he use relatable stories of real-world, day-to-day experiences when talking to people about Customer Experience, improving your Sales Experience, growing your Business and Authentic Leadership.

Through his Stories, Jon encourage a change in perspective of his audience by giving them an alternative narrative to think about.


Every encounter Jon Kroeger – Retail Sales has had as either a Salesperson or a Customer, the total Customer Experience and additional transactional value is foremost in my mind.

As a Salesperson, in this vastly competitive consumer driven world we sell in, you are often up against the retail store down the road, the frustrating and misunderstood discount war, economic cycles and how do you convince your Customers to rather buy from you?

As a Customer, I’m asking myself “why should I buy from you?” It’s so competitive out there, with many options, Brands, products etc. that all promise to ‘solve my need’ – and many can fulfil this promise. What is it that creates a compelling enough reason for me to buy your solution or take you up on your offer as a Salesperson or your particular retail store?

And the answer is hardly ever the amount of discount offered. Discounted pricing is only ever the bargaining chip in the absence of additional transactional value. The compelling reason for me to do business with you is largely dependent on the overall level of Customer Experience and additional transactional value offered by you (the Salesperson) and perceived by me (the Customer).

Arguably, the most valuable skill any Salesperson has is their ability to offer an authentic, memorable Customer Experience with enough compelling reasons for your Customer to confidently do business with you.

One thing is for sure though, if you don’t know everything about what it is that you are selling and what you are selling against, don’t expect your Customers to trust your sales pitch – they will buy not because of you, but in spite of you – and probably at a demanded reduced transactional value.

Keynote Talks:

Sales & Service:

  • Customer Experience
    • Retail Experience
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Sales Differentiation
    • Sales Motivation

Authentic Leadership:

  • Leading the young (Millennials and GEN-Z) in your workplace
    • Leading a Power Sales Team
    • Business Leadership

Jon Kroeger – Retail Sales


Topic:  Customer Experience | Killer Sales Techniques

Selling the right product or service to the right customer (up and cross selling) and creating value in your sales proposition gives your customer or client a compelling reason to do the deal with you!

W T F – 3 easily memorable letters, and 3 memorable points that are often forgotten, misunderstood and more often than not, when neglected can negatively affect your ability to close the sale.

In this talk, Jon talks about the importance of the following 3 topics:

  • Asking WHY your customer or client is wanting your product or service.
  • TRANSLATE your product or service into language that your customer or client can understand, in their words,  that makes it easier for them to see the solution your product or services offers them
  • FOLLOW UP on every agreed upon promise and process needed to close the deal.  You need to do the work for your customer


Topic:  Sales Differentiation | Killer Sales Techniques

Too often, in sales, we look outward at all the reasons why we are not performing.  However there are many personal elements that are in our control that can have an immediate and positive effect on how increasing the likelihood that customers want to do business with us – as individuals.

In this talk, Jon talks about 5 things that we are absolutely in control of.  Not sort of, or reliant on someone or something else.  5 things that we are 100% in control of!

  • Being prepared to sell
  • Be obsessed with your own Customer Experience
  • Don’t tell them, show them
  • Pull, don’t push
  • Self-Awareness


Topic:  Customer Satisfaction  | Killer Sales Techniques

Handling conflict is an unpopular but necessary EQ skill needed in any sales environment.  Things don’t always go according to plan, and customers do get upset.  How you handle this can lead to increased revenue, no more revenue, and in the worst case scenario a loss of revenue.

In this talk, Jon talks around how to take constructive criticism from a customer, learn from it, and add this learning to your sales deck.

But don’t they know more than we do?

Authentic Leadership


Topic:  Business Leadership

Statistics are against you making it.  Competition is huge.  Your prospective customers probably already have a service provider – so why should they change to you?

In this talk, Jon talks to small business owners about designing their foundations to ensure an infinite existence – not just surviving, but lasting for a very long time!

  • ​Why did you start your business?
  • Why do you employ who you employ?
  • What makes your company different?
  • Why should anyone do business with you?
  • What do you tell people you do?
  • How to stick around for a very long time!


Topic: Leading the young (Millennials and GEN-Z) in your workplace | Leading a Power Sales Team

‘Lazy’, ‘uninspired’ and ‘impossible to manage’ are just some descriptions of Millennials in the workplace.  I call B.S. on these!  They bring a definite, but different kinda Magic to you sales teams and Business as a whole.

In this talk, Jon Kroeger – Retail Sales debunks a few myths around the understanding of Millennials in the workplace:

  • How old they really are
  • What personally motivates them
  • How to motivate them in the workplace
  • How they integrate into teams
  • The Magic they bring to the table

Jon also introduces the massively influential impact of Gen-Zs on customer decision making when it comes to buying products.


Topic: Business Leadership | Leading a Power Sales Team

Leadership is about leading, motivating and mentoring a group people responsible for the group people responsible for the group people responsible (etc.) for delivering the strategic vision and direction to the end user – the customer or client.

In this talk, Jon talks about the importance of a ‘Leadership Governance Culture’ within all Business – new and old.  Times have changed dramatically over the past 2 decades, and yet many business principles still in use today find their origins in the 80s and 90s.  We are trying to run a modern workforce with an outdated  rule book.  It’s time to break the ‘old rules’ and rewrite our own infinite history!


We booked Jon Kroeger as a guest speaker for our 2019 Franchise Conference to talk about Sales and Marketing. I found Jon Kroeger’s energy uplifting and refreshing. He brings an explosive energy with him, revitalising your audience.
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